Guide To Incorporation For Private Landlords

Guide To Incorporation For Private Landlords

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Guide To Incorporation For Private Landlords

This 17 page Guide To Incorporation For Private Landlords has been produced by Cotswold Barristers and Property118 Limited for private landlords and their accountants to gain a quick but detailed overview of the costs, features, benefits and rules of incorporation. We expect IFA’s, mortgage brokers and letting agents will also find it incredibly helpful to build their knowledge base and use as a business retention tool.

We commend all landlords who would like to know more about incorporation to download this eBook and to send a copy to their accountant to open up a discussion.

Many accountants are beginning to realise they have a client retention problem as landlords are seeking advice elsewhere if their accountants are not up to speed with the new tax rules and what can be done about them. At Property118 Limited we prefer to work with our clients existing advisers. This is beneficial to the accountancy firm to retain clients and we do not offer any competing accountancy services.

It is also beneficial to landlords because this saves them the hassle of building new trust based relationships. Moving to another accountancy practice is always a last resort option in our opinion because it can cause just as much hassle as changing banks.

The topics covered include: –

  • Why might a private landlord want to incorporate?
  • Tax Consequences of Incorporation (reliefs to mitigate CGT and Stamp Duty)
  • What is a rental BUSINESS from HMRC’s perspective?
  • Non-Statutory Clearance
  • What About Stamp Duty? (read LBTT for Scotland)
  • What is a partnership from HMRC’s perspective?
  • Beneficial Interest Company Transfer Strategy (how to avoid refinancing and associated costs and loss of favourable mortgage terms)
  • What is beneficial interest?
  • Do mortgage lenders approve BICT?
  • What about making the mortgage payments?
  • What about granting tenancies?
  • What about when the time comes to refinance?
  • Selling Property
  • Incorporation costs less than you might think
  • Notes for Accountants
  • There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’
  • Analysis software
  • The Next Step

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