Deep-dive interview with Mark Smith on landlord incorporation

Deep-dive interview with Mark Smith on landlord incorporation

11:04 AM, 16th September 2019, About 3 years ago

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We will shortly be filming a ‘deep-dive’ interview with Mark Smith on all things to do with landlord incorporation.

If you have any questions on landlord incorporation or specifically about incorporation using BICT please let me know. I would also like to include questions from those who have already incorporated and are looking for pointers on any further restructuring which can be done.

Whatever the question, please email me at (Please put ‘mark smith’ in the subject line)

We will then record the interview with Mark Smith where we will provide answers to your 23 most burning questions.

For an example of what these videos are like, take a look at out last ‘23 Most Burning Questioins Answered’ video below which was on Buy-to-let mortgage finance.

I look forward to all your questions.

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