Cash Incentives, Rent Guarantee and 48 hour let times?

Cash Incentives, Rent Guarantee and 48 hour let times?

11:52 AM, 23rd February 2019, About 3 years ago

Text Size are always looking to improve their service and have been listening to landlords feedback of exactly what you want to let your property.

We are pleased to be continuing our work with Local Authorities and a National relocation company, but we can offer even more to make your let even easier and reliable.

Please complete the form at the bottom of this article and see what you could be entitled to out of the following (some properties will qualify for all):

  • Cash Incentives 
  • Home Improvement Grants
  • Rent Guarantee Insurance
  • Holding Rents
  • Property Let Within 48 hours*
  • No Tenant Find Fee Payable

*Subject to all required documentation being received and property being suitable to let.

We have had fantastic success throughout 2018, here are what some of our landlords have had to say:

“I was reluctant to let my property to a local authority at first due to the stigma that comes with it. The relocation company and were very helpful throughout the whole process, and it was very quick and easy. I am not in the process of letting my 5th property through this scheme and I have benefited form home improvement grants, and cash incentives.”

Landlord, West Midlands, UK

“I decided to give this scheme a go as my property required some works due to a previous tenant leaving it dilapidated. I personally went and met with the tenants prior to them moving in, and I have been able to help them with work in the new area which has made me feel good. I also was lucky enough that the scheme paid for a brand-new central heating system, and, I got a cash incentive. The tenant has been in my property almost 4 months, and there have been no issues to date. I am in the process of preparing another unit.”

Landlord, Luton, UK

“I decided to give this idea a try as the majority of my portfolio is in the North of England, and I have recently been suffering from longer than average voids. I sent all the documentation to and they had a council to hold the property straight away, so I have been in full receipt of the rent direct from the council whilst they find a tenant. It’s been fantastic.”

Landlord, Sheffield, UK

If you would like more information, or to see if this scheme would work for you please get in touch through the form below for a no obligation offer.

We are currently only taking properties in England, all areas considered, however there is a specific need for properties in the following areas:

  • London and surrounding areas
  • Luton
  • Kent (within 5-mile radius)
  • Hatfield
  • Birmingham and Black Country
  • Coventry
  • Stoke on Trent


  • Please use message box below to tell us more about your property locations and types of property(ies)

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