Budget Busting Landlord Tax Solution

Budget Busting Landlord Tax Solution

13:11 PM, 9th July 2015, About 7 years ago

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This particular landlord tax busting solution ONLY works if you are:-

1) Married or in a civil partnership


2) One of you is a zero or basic rate tax payer and the other is a high rate tax payer

To give you an indication of how much extra tax you may have to pay (if you do nothing) as a result of interest expenses on buy-to-let mortgages being affected by the Summer 2015 Budget please use the calculator below. If one of you is a 40% tax payer but earning under £100,000 and the other currently earns nothing this strategy could save you £8,477 a year in tax by 2020 assuming tax bands and tax rates stay as they are now. If the figure shown in the calculator is higher than £8,477 please see this link.

The result of the calculation will give you an indication of how much tax you could save you when the new taxation policy comes into full effect by 2020 if you have the correct business structure in place.

The cost of implementation of this particular solution is a one off fee of £200 + VAT per property owned. Other solutions for larger portfolio landlords will be unveiled in due course.

This particular solution does NOT require you to refinance.

Advice and documentation is provided by a practicing solicitor registed with The Law Society. This means that any losses incurred by you in the event of bad advice are fully insured.

Budget Busting Landlord Tax Solution

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  • If you are a 40% tax payer this is how much extra tax you might have to pay if you do nothing. This is not a comprehensive analysis. If your income plus your finance costs exceeds £100,000 the position gets much worse.
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