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Bridging Finance – Recent Examples

The following are recent examples of bridging finance deals completed by our partner companies. We do not charge for our services in respect of placing your bridging finance enquiry with an appropriately qualified Commercial Finance Broker so please feel free to make an enquiry. All of our partner firms are members of the NACFB (National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers), they carry Professional Indemnity Insurance and subscribe to the NACFB Code of Practice which is registered with the Office of Fair trading. Bridging Finance – Recent Examples

Example Deal One

  • 70% LTV which equated to 100% of the purchase price
  • Block of six flats in Manchester
  • Value £780,000
  • Purchase price £546,000
  • Loan amount £546,000 less interest and fees for six months = net bridging finance of £491,400
  • Cash in from client £54,600
  • Deal refinanced at 75% LTV six months later, i.e. £585,000
  • The meant that the net cash investment to acquire a block of six flats worth £780,000 was £15,600 plus fees and disbursements.

Example Deal Two

  • Experienced landlord applicant
  • 4 bed executive detached house in Surrey
  • Auction purchased for £500,000
  • Open market value £680,000
  • The full purchase price was advanced on bridging finance just 8 days after the auction at a rate of 0.75% per month against the security of this property and another similar unencumbered property in the landlords portfolio
  • Landlord spent £40,000 on refurbishment and sold the property for £790,000 three months later, thus making a profit of £250,000 less interest, legal costs and disbursements.

If you require assistance with bridging finance please complete the form below and provide a short overview of the deal and your requirements and we will do our very best to help.

Bespoke Advice Enquiry Form

  • e.g. property value(s), location, mortgage amount(s) required, property description, your age(s), mortgage term required, rental income, your personal income(s)
  • If you have a schedule of your properties on a spreadsheet it may well be helpful to attach it.


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