Agents Need to Use Technology to Stay a Step Ahead

by Mark Reynolds

12:22 PM, 25th November 2011
About 8 years ago

Agents Need to Use Technology to Stay a Step Ahead

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Agents Need to Use Technology to Stay a Step Ahead

One of the most important aspects of running a business is keeping one step ahead of the competition and providing a service over and above your competitors. There’s no better time to start this than now since with Smartphones in increasingly more pockets, the possibilities are endless. Every Letting or Estate Agent should look at investing in this technology to assist in the marketing of their properties and to make themselves more accessible.

One such technology is the QR Code. If you do not know what this is or you think you have never used one then read on. If you are fully aware of the power that this new technology offers then you already know the power that is just waiting to be unleashed!

QR stands for Quick Response. It is a square piece of what can only be described as a bunch of small black squares randomly arranged on a white background. To give you an idea of what it looks like take a look at this example:

I have created this QR Code to demonstrate how easy it is to get your message across using this new technology. When scanned, this “bunch of small black squares randomly arranged on a white background” will take you to on your Smartphone! If it can be used in this way just think how much more you can do with this revolutionary technology!

Of course this is not restricted to creating a QR Code for your website. You can get creative with and use them for:

  1. Sharing contact details via Smartphones
  2. Printing out your contact details on your letters
  3. Use the contact code for your company as your profile picture on social networking sites
  4. Or have property details printed out and placed on your letting boards, allowing your potential tenants to view as they walk!

Letting agents and landlords have traditionally taken the time and effort to attend the property for a viewing with a prospective tenant, but the prospective tenant often decides as soon as they walk in the door that the property is not for them. By letting them have the ability to view properties right from their smartphone can save you and them valuable time.

There are various smartphone apps available on the market- free and paid for ones- that allow you to create your own “bunch of small black squares randomly arranged on a white background” which can then be used in a variety of ways to promote your business and the properties that you are marketing.

By embracing technology as it evolves allows you to stay one step ahead of the competition. As a letting agent, you need to make your business and property as accessible as possible. You owe it to yourself, but more importantly you owe it to your landlords!


Mark Reynolds

16:20 PM, 28th November 2011
About 8 years ago

Thanks for the input Ian. We are looking at the floor plan option as part of our ongoing improvement program 🙂 When I have it up and running I'll send you a link if you want to assist with the development by way of feed back? Just visit our site and send us an email - That also goes for anyone else reading this 🙂

I think part of the problem why agents don't always do it is because technically they don't have to - whereas estate agents under certain circumstances are legally obliged to

But as I say we are looking at doing floor plans



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