Agent responsible for PMQs UC eviction letter meeting PM’s Policy Board Chairman and Shadow Housing Minister

Agent responsible for PMQs UC eviction letter meeting PM’s Policy Board Chairman and Shadow Housing Minister

11:40 AM, 20th November 2017, About 4 years ago 41

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I am the agent responsible for the letter warning my tenants of the impending Universal Credit that was coupled with their s.21 notice and a reminder that if rent is not paid on time then I will have no option but to evict, that was read out by Jeremy Corbyn at PMQs last Wednesday.

I, along with a handful of other industry figures, already had a private lunch with George Freeman, MP (Chair of the PM’s Policy Board) arranged for this week, but now he has requested a separate one-on-one discussion either before or afterwards to discuss UC further. I probably only have a 10-minute window to get across any points and was hoping for some suggestions.

I will also be meeting with Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister – Melanie Onn, MP- (the individual that passed the letter to JC) the following day. That meeting will likely be slightly longer, although I expect will be the more difficult one because she appears to be firmly of the opinion that I am ‘circumventing the law’ by issuing s.21 and even if I am not technically, I shouldn’t be able to issue notice ‘ahead of time’.

Essentially, people matter more than any business and it should be as difficult as possible for LLs to evict, because it’s not nice to be evicted when UC delays are not the claimants’ fault and because of humanity.

I have literally no idea how to tackle this logic. If it is suggested that s.21 be removed as an option, then I will be informing her of my inability to vote Labour as well as my exiting from the industry.

I don’t believe she understands the concept of free-market capitalism, nor the concept of free-choice. I am not in this industry and do not work 60hrs a week, on-call 24/7 providing 350+ homes as the second largest provider of PRS property to benefit claimants purely to be a helpful humanitarian.

I don’t believe her opinion is helped by the fact that at the age of seventeen Onn was supported by Doorstep, a Grimsby-based charity which provides housing support to young people. I’m unsure what lead to the circumstances of her requiring that support, but imagine it had something to do with a LL that is now clouding her view.

Suggestions welcome.


by NW Landlord

11:13 AM, 26th November 2017, About 4 years ago

Me and my business partner would Aswell will speak to you next week luke we are one of the largest landlords in the area

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