Advanced Vetting To Avoid Nightmare Tenants

Advanced Vetting To Avoid Nightmare Tenants

14:07 PM, 8th October 2021, About 2 years ago

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We all suffer from bad and nightmare tenants from time to time. They can be bad in many ways.

LEARN how to AVOID getting the wrong tenants in the first place.

  • AVOID rent arrears
  • AVOID anti-social behaviour
  • AVOID council prosecution and fines
  • AVOID trashed property

You can learn a bunch of tried and tested formulas to ensure you weed out the bad ones BEFORE they set foot in your property.

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Rent Arrears

Not a day goes by without reading about landlords suffering significant rent arrears.

Learn how to choose tenants who will pay.

Property Damage

Bad and disgruntled tenants frequently inflict property damage either during the tenancy or when you try to get possession.

Rent Repayment Orders

There’s a whole new breed of tenants whose end-game is to live in your property for 12 months’ RENT FREE by claiming a Rent Repayment Order (RRO) against you.

Cannabis Grows

Cannabis grows are getting to be a serious problem in rental properties in many areas.

Not only will your property be wrecked you can be held legally liable.

Learn how to ‘weed’ them out!

Eviction Pain

The average time to get an eviction is now 52 weeks. It’s complex and difficult.

And most of the time they’ll stop paying rent and damage your property.

The only way to avoid this is to get the right tenants in the first place!

Anti-social Behaviour

The police and councils have failed to control anti-social behaviour – so now they have made landlords responsible for tenants’ behaviour!

You’re legally liable! Learn how to avoid the ASB tenants from hell.

Tenant Vetting and Qualification for a Peaceful Tenancy

Learn from the experts who have devised foolproof systems for vetting and selecting tenants to avoid all of these problems and enjoy successful, profitable tenancies each and every time.


  • When? Saturday 23rd October
  • Where? Beautiful Riverside Venue in Maidenhead
  • What time: 9:30am until 4:30 pm
  • Teaching
  • Case studies
  • Live Workshop so you put learning into practice there and then
  • Refreshments and lunch included
  • Networking Opportunities with Highly Successful Landlords and Letting AgentsAre you prepared to invest a little to avoid massive losses?
    Only landlords with the true motivation to succeed will do this.
    Click the link to reserve your place.

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