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Landlords Fighting Back

As landlords and associated professionals we must unite. We must respond to increasing legislative demands, fight injustices and encourage the media to balance their generally negative reporting towards landlords and the PRS.

We are vital providers of housing, supporting the mobility of workers and people who are unable or unwilling to take on debt to own their own homes. We trust you will agree that more work needs to be done for the general population to have these facts at ‘front-of-mind’ when thinking about private housing providers.

A growing number of landlords and associated businesses provide monthly financial support (from as little as £5) to The Landlords Union “TLU”. This helps to fund research, campaign work and lobbying for landlords and businesses operating within the Private Rented Sector.

Landlords Union Objectives 

  • To research and encourage the sharing of best practice
  • To raise standards from suppliers of products and services to the UK private rented sector.
  • To increase awareness of the social and economic benefits of a healthy private rented sector in the UK.
  • To ensure that greater consideration is given to consequences of legislation affecting the UK private rented sector before it is implemented.
  • To provide an effective deterrent to rogue operators preying on private housing providers, not only with a voice but also with teeth in terms of legal capability and the contacts and funding necessary to back it.

Join TLU Today

Enhance your Property118 membership status

When you see an orange banner indicating member status of The Landlords Union on comments or a member profile you can be certain that person is sufficiently passionate about our cause to commit financial support.

We also have a second tier of membership called “Lifetime Membership”. This is particularly attractive to landlords who wish to benefit directly from representative action legal campaigns being undertaken by TLU. The most prolific representative action to date was against The West Bromwich Mortgage Company. Under the banner of “Property118 Action Group” we successfully recovered £27,500,000 of overcharged tracker mortgage interest on behalf of UK landlords.

Numerous similar legal campaigns are underway on a no-win-no-fee basis, further details of which will be provided when you become a regular TLU member.