What they ought to teach in school

What they ought to teach in school

7:23 AM, 17th May 2017, About 5 years ago

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Here are 3 things we can’t believe they never teach you at school. 

  1. How to save another person’s life with basic first aid.
  2. How to cook healthy nutritious food and
  3. How to make money and manage finances.

In fact, when it comes to this last one school seems to actually ‘limit’ your potential. They teach you that the only way to make money is to “get a good job” and to trade your time for money.

Our school system seems to suggest that for people to achieve great success they are somehow “extraordinary”.

Over the past 9 years of publishing YPN magazine we have discovered one thing – one true “secret” of property investing and it is this:

ORDINARY people genuinely achieve EXTRAORDINARY results.

Your Property Network magazine has fast become the UK’s most popular and successful magazine for property investors and developers alike and our primary aim every month is to inspire, educate and give you a balanced perspective on all things property throughout the pages of YPN.

Every month we feature the UK’s most knowledgeable property experts including those in planning, finance and strategy, sharing with you their extensive experience to help you navigate through the property world on your journey to financial success.

Here at YPN we are here to help, inspire and guide you on your property journey and we are offering you the chance to get your hands on a FREE copy of Your Property Network magazine delivered direct to your door!

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To your successful property Investing!

YPN Team


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