The Barrister Who Loves HMO Law – Webinar

The Barrister Who Loves HMO Law – Webinar

8:00 AM, 11th May 2020, About 2 years ago

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On this webinar Weds 13th May at 10:45am you’ll be able to get Barrister’s thoughts on HMO issues for free.

We’ll be asking the Legal Questions that landlords need answering to Julian Hunt MA (Cantab), a very experienced lawyer in the world of HMOs and author of the only book on HMO proceedings.

This promises to be one of the most important webinars of the year and will be covering topics including

  • There’s lots of conjecture about what is and isn’t an HMO. We find out!
  • Do councils really have the power to declare ANY property as an HMO?
  • What to do if the council launches a Criminal Prosecution against you the Landlord? What do you do?
  • Why can a Landlord get a £1,000s Rent Repayment Order yet other get off scot-free?
  • How can I defend against a Rent Repayment Order?
  • They say every motorist is guilty it’s just whether they get caught – Is this the same for Landlords?
  • And much more besides….

You must attend this incredible value-packed interview.

Register here:

You’ll get major insights into the Law of the Land relating to  HMO Landlords and How the Courts and Tribunals work for and against HMO Landlords and Councils.

Plus, just how much legal risk we all face as Landlords in a sector that is far more heavily legislated and regulated than most landlords realise.

Julian has oodles of real and practical experience in defending landlords and agents involved in HMO prosecutions and proceedings.

There will be a chance to pose your questions too.

Nothing to sell and nothing to buy, just pure content.

Register here:

Mark your calendars:    Wednesday 13th May 2020 at 10:45 am

See you Wednesday.

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