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Government handout of £10k per property for landlords Buy to Let News, Latest Articles, Property Investment News, Property Investment Strategies

As a landlord you can be forgiven for thinking that every bit of news from the government concerning the lettings sector is bad for the landlord – A new set of obligations which comes with the obligatory application process. Creating paper, jobs and VAT income for the government! Enough of my cynicism 🙂

So this article should bring you some cheer – and I will whisper this – A government policy that is based upon complete common sense! Continue reading Government handout of £10k per property for landlords

How to get your property portfolio off “death row” Cautionary Tales, Guest Articles, Latest Articles, Lettings & Management

Glen Ackroyd of National Property GroupWith interest rates at a historic low, guest article writer Glen Ackroyd from National Property Group explains the steps he’s taking to protect his buy to let property portfolio from inevitable interest rate rises and taking his portfolio off “death row”.

In September 2008 I was having what was supposed to be my dream holiday. Like many others, I had ridden the wave of the credit boom and had acquired a large property portfolio. At the height of my success I was staying in a private villa in an island in the Bahamas, fronting onto the harbour, with millionaires’ yachts and Hollywood film stars for neighbours. Surely, life just couldn’t get any better?

Continue reading How to get your property portfolio off “death row”

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