Protecting property and land

Protecting property and land

8:30 AM, 13th August 2018, About 4 years ago

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With the summer months meaning an increase in travellers moving from place to place we thought we’d look at how you can protect both property and land from unwelcome visitors.

Secure doors and windows

It will be worth considering installing steel security doors and looking at how you can also best secure all entrances such as windows. You could use barriers such as bars or install galvanized steel window security, these can be supplied with perforation to allow the property to remain ventilated.

Alarm systems and CCTV

Installing an alarm system and CCTV can be a good way to protect your property, this will both act as a deterrent and a system to alert you if there are trespassers.

Property Guardians

Property guardians can be a low cost option, although this option might seem cost effective you should take a look at this article which outlines some of the potential issues and risks to these types of arrangements.

Security guards

Security guards are an expensive solution, but worth it if you have CCTV installed and need someone to visit your property quickly, especially if you are out of the area or country. You’ll need to ensure anyone you employ or contract with has an SIA licence with appropriate insurance put in place to cover them, especially if they are working alone.

Protecting land

When protecting land, you need to consider several factors such as who you might want to access the land, and if you want to prevent all access or just vehicle access. Do you need the protection for your land to be temporary or permanent? These questions will need to be answered to help find the right solution for your land.

Concrete bollards or barriers

Using concrete bollards or barriers can be effectively used and bollards and blocks come in various sizes and weights. Retracting bollards can be particularly useful for car parks or car park spaces and are a relatively cheap way to protect your space or small piece of land if you have issues with parking.

Earth banks or bunds

Some councils have started to construct earth banks or ‘bunds’ to stop access to land by vehicle. The earth mounds are often coupled with a lockable gate so that land can be accessed by those carrying out maintenance such as grass mowing are effective barriers to unwanted visitors.

Fences and gates

If the land is private and you wish to stop all access fences and lockable gates will be a good solution, however possibly not viable if you have a vast area to cover.

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