Only You can make You successful

Only You can make You successful

9:48 AM, 3rd February 2017, About 7 years ago 3

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Over the last few years there’s been countless of posts, questions, public disputes, new gurus etc etc openly debated, discussed and outed.success

There’s no doubt that people pay thousands of pounds and get or do sweet FA! There is no doubt that people ‘sell’ or ‘promise’ the dream in a #getrichquick style of way! Right or wrong, good or bad intentions, people will in this sector have good and bad experiences.

However, I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say that after 6 years of part time investing and taking what seemed like very VERY slow frustratingly steps forward, I discovered property books!

I became addicted to reading (I’m someone who didn’t enjoy reading) I simply couldn’t stop! Book after book opened my eyes wider. Some of these books came from well known training people and companies.

From books I started networking and moving forward in ways I didn’t know existed in the property world (for example joint ventures)

The best thing about networking was the people I got to meet who wanted to talk property. The 2nd best thing was the speaker and obviously some were better than others, but I always tried to take something away……… what I didn’t like was the hard sell EVERY time.

And in the end because I wasn’t happy with the event, I create my own and nearly 2 years in the crowd is 5 times bigger than any sales led event I’d been to previously.

We try and have speakers from all over the property world all with different journeys and experiences. We do NOT allow hard selling, we don’t charge for attendance and we try to make it mostly about the experience of networking.

We also use the platform, which brings property people together to do some good, which we have done and have pledge to raise £25k by the end of 2018 for the East Anglian Children’s Hospice.

No matter what industry you are in, property, stocks, forex, utility, aloe Vera, juice plus, eBay, mobile phones, online marketing, etc etc

There will always be ways to learn from other people. You can either choose to do this in a free, safe way, observing from the side lines and hearing everything, but choosing to what you actually listen to. Taking advantage of books and online content from forums which you can do at your pace, in your own home.

You can attend networking events and speak to as many people you can get around too, and you should, because I’ve met some people I would call very good friends off the back of these, people I may never do any business with what so ever, but like any other industry, if you decide these routes won’t work for you or believe paying for direct help will help you, the ownership is on you. There are people who have paid and become successful and there are people who have paid and lost money or been scammed.

There is no excuse from a scam artist, they will use the platform and play on your own desire to ‘become rich’ or ‘become a property tycoon’ and get you to pay.

They will take your money and will never be held accountable.

Good trainers will give you insight to theirs and others success. But they value their time and will charge you, if you want to come along for their direct approach.

What’s clear is once you hand your money over, you will either become successful or not.

You may get helped all the way or you may never hear from the trainer again, but whether you become successful or not is still up to you.

I can promise anyone reading this one thing.  Only you can make YOU successful.

Education is key to this, because you can’t move forward without learning.

But what is clear in history is no matter how much knowledge you have in theory nothing beats getting stuck in.

Some great inventors spend years at university, but make hundreds of mistakes to get that next big thing right, but they only need to get it correct once.

I have 2 family members who have paid £10k+ to be mentored. Both have experience, both want success and both have a large network (not to mention me at the end of the phone) but they bought into the sexy, quick and ‘secret’ way to make things happen.

Whether the course, mentorship or trainer was good or bad is actually irrelevant.

If they are successful or not doesn’t matter.

They made a choice.

People need to take responsibility! If your not moving forward, divert your energy to take yourself forward, don’t blame other people.

If you’ve been scammed, paid money to a trainer and not become a millionaire, you can either dwell on this or learn from it.

Earlier this year I was personally scammed £23,000 (not property related)

I can tell you right now the day that happen I thought about years previous when I used to have to make £40 I made from a carboot sale, last a whole week whilst entertaining my new girl friend (she’s now my wife)

How could I have been scammed to this amount of money? That same day I realised I had been scammed and the money was lost, I will admit  I was a broken man. I went home and the embarrassment and shame caused me to ignore my wife and shut myself away.

That evening I plucked up the courage to tell my wife, but no matter how sophisticated the scammer was or how large the amount of Money was, the next steps I take were up to me and my responsibility.

I decided I consider the money lost, and to create more than ever before so the lost would not effect my ability to become even more successful. I also decided I would fight this, but not at the expense of my first goal which is to remain and grow my success.

When I told my wife I broke it down to what was the situation, then my reaction, my apology, my focus and drive forward to use this to better myself.

Now in my house I’m the type of guy who goes around switching lights off when a room is empty or tell my wife “we are using to much kitchen roll”.

So this was hard for my wife to hear and even harder for me to tell her, but the very next day I set up my fight plan, and forgot about it and carried on with my ambition and path to progress my success further.

I’m not for one second justifying any bad trainer, poor mentorships or course.

They need to stop!!!!

What I am saying is accept the responsible for your choice, it is yours and if that choice doesn’t take you where you want to get to, don’t point the finger, instead direct that focus and energy toward taking you closer to your goals.

Find your own strength and use it for yourself

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Ihsan Mohammed

12:55 PM, 11th February 2017, About 7 years ago

Hi Dev,

I know the pain of losing money as I lost over 50Kwhen the property market crashed in 2008. Some of that money was stolen, wasted or lost through bad judgement. It took a long time to get back on my feet but now things are ticking over again.

When I see people offering get rich quick scheme's I think to myself that I never want to lose what I have built so rather than pay someone to do it for me I would rather learn how to do it myself where possible.

We need to hold ourselves accountable for the decisions we make. No point looking back.


22:14 PM, 12th February 2017, About 7 years ago

Hi Dan and thanks for your post. You've been very open thus far, do you mind outlining how exactly someone like you guy got scammed out of 23k?

Many thanks


Dan Trivedi

4:50 AM, 13th February 2017, About 7 years ago

Hi Kier

I'm afraid I can't share any specifics

The article isn't aimed at how to avoid scams, but being able to Continued to move forward.

What I can share is, scams come in many shapes and sizes some are quick some are long, well thought through & sophisticated.

I was a victim of the latter Which included Documentation forgery, emailing hacking etc

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