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12:24 PM, 8th February 2017, About 5 years ago

Letter to Gavin Barwell Housing Minister

Written to G Barwell too, and copied to local MP Alberto Costa, also Tory, also landlord as it happens, as I have previously had a session with him to question Section 24 (without success....obviously)
Aside from endorsing Ros's brilliant note, my letter to Barwell also points out the inconsistencies in the information the Broken Housing Market report seeks to cite as facts - the English Housing Survey that is used as a source itself quotes figures for average household income that do not support the notion that over half a tenant's income is "going to landlords" (why does every single utterance have to be stated as such a slap in the face to landlords?!!!) - it's actually about 40%, but that is hardly unreasonable in the context of paying for a home.
The repetitve mantra of landlord=bad //tenant = good, poor vulnerable unfortunate is now part of the Government shtick. It's easy, populist, and validates a tax grab that in other circumstances would not be permissible.
You can only try and fight back, and writing to the Minister and the local representatives is about as much (forlorn but hopeful) as one can do.... Read More