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rupang shah

15:26 PM, 12th April 2016, About 6 years ago

BTL Ltd company Mortgage and source of Refurb properties

Reply to the comment left by "andy adewale" at "12/04/2016 - 13:41":

Thank you Andy for your inputs. My wife will be non tax payer just for year 2016-17 only as she has plan to go back to work next year and she will be basic tax payer then.

With regards to finances, yes we will need to borrow up to 75% LTV and hence I'm confused because by using LTd company structure, I can certainly save on new SDLT levy but not sure if the taxation on the rental income would be any different or not. Its very unlikely that we will sell the property immediately.... Read More

rupang shah

13:59 PM, 11th December 2015, About 6 years ago

Buying a Tenanted property with Section 21 served by current landlord

Thank you all.. I am actually getting this property around 8-10% cheaper than normal market rate ( that was 5 months ago when the offer got accepted, so should have gone up since then). Obviously, that time I wasnt aware about arrears (normal rent is £695 pcm) and also notice section 21. Also, find rent history for last 6 months (May -£450, June - £569.76, July - £694.76, September - £695, October - £637.73). We have now certainly make up our mind to get the property vacated after completions ( as the current owner wanted to sell with TENANTS). We are not going to set up new tenancy agreement but will issue notice section 3, section 48 and section 21. I would appreciate if one can advice what will be maximum time frame and how much money (including loss of rent, court fees any other fees) we are looking at if the tenants refuse to vacate easily. Having property on vacant position is not possible as the current owners wanted to sell with tenants as part of sales conditions.... Read More

rupang shah

14:22 PM, 21st July 2015, About 6 years ago

First time landlord : Buying a council tenanted property

We are going ahead with this purchase..can anyone recommend me a solicitor who is specialist in buy to let purchase with sitting council tenants?/... Read More

rupang shah

11:57 AM, 30th June 2015, About 7 years ago

Buying land to build residential property

Tony, many thanks for your insight information. I have been told that on new build property, cost normally spread equally (1/3) among land, construction/planning and profit of developers though I am not sure how accurate this information is. As mentioned, we are in quite early stage of our research. The ideal property we are looking in similar area costing us between 500 -550k and hence we came to figure of 3.5 - 4 million after deducting developer's profit (1/3 of market price). so answer to your question, 4 million would be the cost for the land, planning, construction, insurance and finance costs and GDV would be around 5.0 - 5.5 million. We would certainly explore the option of buying properties directly from developers provided it fits our criteria however we are not sure what sort of discount they could offer to us...... Read More

rupang shah

9:50 AM, 30th June 2015, About 7 years ago

Buying land to build residential property

Reply to the comment left by "Mark Alexander" at "30/06/2015 - 08:50":

Thanks Mark for your prompt reply. Could you confirm how much money we would require ideally?? we can see if we all can stretch ourselves???... Read More