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Happy Landlord

10:10 AM, 22nd May 2021, About 5 months ago

EICRs From Hell?

I have had exactly the same issues to which you can add some agents who are also taking a commission!! When I have questioned some of the comments on the reports the estimate has suddenly reduced substantially. I also have had the same thing with holiday lets the RCD's are too sensitive - the individual circuits on one occasion were not tripping but the mains switch was. I never have had any time for either Gas Safe or now the electrical contractors - it is largely a money generating exercise and nothing to do with tenant/client safety. As usual landlords are seen as a soft touch. You have poacher turned game keeper which is always open to abuse. The whole thing is badly thought out and arranged - I would never put any of my tenants at risk but do not need an electrician who is on the make to turn me over.... Read More

Happy Landlord

10:20 AM, 15th April 2021, About 6 months ago

EICR has thrown a complete spanner in the works?

Hi Julie. The same thing has happened to me - I am on record as saying that in my opinion the whole situation is corrupt and in many cases crooked. I am a surveyor with over 50 years experience in property management and I have never seen anything like this before. The main problem is that the authority who has drawn up the requirements is also the body who an electrician has to belong, in order to undertake the inspection. My most recent encounter was with an electrician who claimed lots of a particular system came into the C1 and C2 category - there has never been a problem with the system no one has ever been hurt by the system which is in a relatively new bungalow - about 18 years old, but the electrician still wanted to charge just on £1300 to make it safe - I calculated the time and materials involved and it was closer to £800 including an allowance of £100 for pure profit, I wont say more on this but you have a system where the poacher is also the game keeper. Every few years [sometimes annually] the regulatory body brings in another edition, its great for keeping their members employed, a few years ago we were ripping out metal consumer units owning to the possibility of electric shock in order to put plastic ones back in, now because plastic ones burn we are back to putting metal ones back in again - I appreciate the inner workings are improved but it is way over the top. I have been dealing with the regulatory authority for many years and have very little respect for them. You can bet your life that after 5 years they will have come up with another set of regulations meaning the current work undertaken will be obsolete and replaced by the requirement for further alterations. For what it is worth I have come across a few honest electricians who have not seen easy money but most (including some I have known for years who I also thought were honest) have found a way to relieve me of not less than £700 per property rising to £1500 per property, when the system was perfectly useable and safe but just did not fully comply with the latest edition of the regulations. I am generally disgusted by the whole situation which to be quite frank smells to me!!... Read More

Happy Landlord

9:34 AM, 31st March 2021, About 7 months ago

Problems with Right To Manage companies and paying for works?

Hi Barry
That is exactly why you should appoint a good block management company - we operate a block management company and are regularly asked to sort out similar situations. There are legal ways around this in almost all cases but it can be difficult and sometimes unpleasant particularly if you are on good social terms with the other leaseholders. I suggest even though it will cost you money as a group, you source a good agent to help you in this situation the cost involved will more than repay itself.
Happy Landlord.... Read More

Happy Landlord

12:02 PM, 5th March 2021, About 8 months ago

Scrap the S-crap-ped Selective Scheme

For any LA thinking of undertaking this criminal activity for the first time ever I withdrew from buying a property in an area where this scheme is coming in. I shall also be selling property in areas where this scheme is in operation - not only is it a penalty against good landlords it also reduces the rental stock and increases rents to tenants but left leaning LA's are too blind to understand this.... Read More

Happy Landlord

11:04 AM, 16th November 2020, About 11 months ago

Leaseholders and service charge on different sized flats?

Hi You have to follow the lease - if anyone wants to alter the lease everyone who is party to the lease has to agree - very unlikely as there are almost always winners and loosers.... Read More