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Douglas Barley

9:31 AM, 13th July 2019
About 6 months ago

When a tenant dies his Utility Bills die with him?

What about Council Tax? I had a situation where unfortunately my tenant died in Doncaster, I would not consider forcing his relatives to clear the property at such an unfortunate time and gave them just over 2 weeks in which to remove his goods - the rent had been paid until then anyway, however his estate cancelled his council tax payments and good old Doncaster Council then pursued me for the Council Tax until the property was re-let - including the time when in law I would have not been able to re-let as the rent had been paid until the end of that month. Absolutely disgusting and shows what a disgraceful state of affairs this country has come to. - needlessly to say I challenged Doncaster Council but they were not the least interested - money grabbing LA's again.... Read More

Douglas Barley

12:02 PM, 10th June 2019
About 7 months ago

Don't forget Landlords Boris?

Don't forget the Brexit party - I think that is where the hope to overturn the bad legislation bought in by the current government lays, both to the benefit of tenants and landlords. This crowd are never going to admit they got anything wrong. Luke P you are quite right about the civil service they have a lot to answer for.... Read More

Douglas Barley

9:59 AM, 10th October 2018
About A year ago

Straw Poll to combat further government attacks - Please help

1, 25%
2, 8
3, 1 possibly
4, 0

I don't believe any of my tenants would want, or be in a position to buy. Several older tenants have deliberately moved from their own property to take the worry of maintenance away, several others are not in a position to buy (and would not be able to afford any form of mortgage) and some are short term lets for work placements. Others are simply not interested... Read More

Douglas Barley

9:50 AM, 8th October 2018
About A year ago

Potential Budget CGT relief and profit split for selling to long term tenants?

You have to be kidding - The kremlin has arrived at number 10 in the shape of the Tories. Once again no joined up thinking a great vote catcher but it does nothing to solve the housing crises. If the Tories really wanted to solve the housing crises they would make it easier for landlords and developers to borrow cash, obtain planning and then tell them to go and build!!!... Read More

Douglas Barley

15:36 PM, 2nd October 2018
About A year ago

New Landlord Association seeking pledges

Larry, I have already made my pledge but at the risk of sounding a little gung ho if it means getting everything up and running would it be worth considering a higher fee or do you think that would put LLs off? I think it is very important to get this up and running - some clout is what is needed in the industry and I think once the initial organisation is in place others will see the advantage and come and join.... Read More