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Tuesday 6th August 2013

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Ian C

21:28 PM, 25th November 2013, About 8 years ago

Property Research Tool

This is excellent Mark and very easy to use. Great to have so much information consolidated into one place. The planning applications are a very useful tool as well. ... Read More

Ian C

14:11 PM, 15th October 2013, About 8 years ago

Expat couple looking for advice investing in London

Hi Paul
I too work as a property search agent for expats in the south east but specifically outside of the M25 where we find returns are better. In particular I work with foreign investors looking for BtL properties and you are correct that raising funds has been problematic. However as the market improves I believe more lenders will slowly come back into the market. I'm not a mortgage broker but have been pro-active in talking to some of the international banks and have a couple that will look at providing BtL finance subject to certain criteria. Typically though they require 35-40% LTV and one of them in particular will only look at properties within the M25. It is a good start and has helped my clients but I agree with Adam above that you should start with your own bank and ask about their BtL mortgage offers. If you would like to chat further then please feel free to contact me on **MODERATED - NOT A BUSINESS MEMBER**. Good luck with your search... Read More