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Paul Willetts

11:04 AM, 7th June 2017, About 4 years ago

Landlords, Tenants, Dogs, Pets

Hi there, I've just searched and found this thread...I have a potential long term tenant interested in my rental. She has a St Bernard, notorious for drooling!!!! That said, she has agreed to pay double deposit, 12 months rent upfront and upon vacation, agreed to professionally clean all carpets. The property needs refreshing now (at a cost of £2k) but I won't need to spend that as she is happy with it in it current state...

My initial gut feeling was...NO CHANCE... but actually, what can the dog do that won't be fixed??... Read More

Paul Willetts

11:53 AM, 4th February 2016, About 6 years ago

What can I claim for?

One tenant paid me nearly £48k over a number of years, when he left an untidy house, I bought him a bottle of champagne and wished him well as he was buying his first house with his new lady friend.

He is now a councillor in my home town!

Good things come to those who see the bigger picture.

Let it go!... Read More

Paul Willetts

10:15 AM, 13th August 2014, About 7 years ago

Naive Questions from Landlords?

One thing in life is for certain... We NEVER stop learning. The minute you feel you know everything is the time to retire.

I also work in Interventional Cardiology and I'm lucky enough to work with the most amazing surgeons in the world... These professionals save lives everyday and guess what... They learn new procedures/ devices/ products EVERYDAY!

Bill Gates, learns every day.
Warren Buffet learns every day.
Apple are learning and developing every day.

I've learnt as much from experienced members of my teams as I have the new starters. We can all become complacent and if our routine works why change, right?! WRONG! We need new starters to inject more enthusiasm, new ways of working and FUN!... Read More

Paul Willetts

13:44 PM, 10th January 2014, About 8 years ago

Are leaseholds worth no value at the end of lease?

Hi Marcus, Sound advice above, as always.

Just a little caveat. Look into the lease-holding company. I have a flat (purpose built in a block of 8 and there are 5 blocks)... In the lease, each flat owner is a 1/40th share-holder in the maintenance company. So, essentially, all of the owners of each flat, collectively own the lease-hold company. Last year, we voted to extend our leases at no cost to us (apart from legal fees).

So we have now increased from 60 years to 125 and only paid a minimal amount.... Read More

Paul Willetts

14:37 PM, 6th January 2014, About 8 years ago

Residential mortgage but renting the property without consent!

Hi Darren,
I moved 4 months ago and wanted to rent out my house for the same reason as you've mentioned... I called the lender, explained the situation and they simply agreed, they charged me £75 (admin!) and the rest is history.

I appreciate that it may not always be this easy but if you don't ask, you'll never know...!

Good luck!... Read More