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5:21 AM, 4th April 2020, About 2 years ago

Shelter again with latest TV advert!

[Marie] You landlords can sleep safely in your beds, and come home from work, knowing that your home will still be there.
That is an ignorant statement. My partner is a key worker (not NHS). Unlike, the rest of the population who are in lockdown, she still has to go to work. Does n't get paid extra. She has n't received any PPE. I can't get masks for her. They travel to work on overcrowded trains. Some of her colleagues have pulled in sickies to avoid the risk. Every day, I worry she is will bring the virus home.
I recently had to make visit a property for a repair issue

So if I catch the virus from her, and the Doctor has to decide who to give that last ventilator to a landlord or to someone else?
Who will they chose??
There is a shortage of ventilators and the newspapers reports doctors have to play God and make life or death decisions, on who gets them. So if there is a choice between a landlord ans someone else. With this advert, Shelter are trying to kill landlords.... Read More


18:27 PM, 27th February 2018, About 4 years ago

Selective Licensing Scheme 'Additional Powers' Ruled Illegal By Court of Appeal

Well done for the victory. However, some of these councils are charging silly sums of money. Does it really cost £750 to issue a license? Some councils have produced a break down and it involves almost 16 hours gazing at a landlord application!... Read More


18:14 PM, 27th February 2018, About 4 years ago

When do you pay CGT versus profit from a flip?

You are asking the wrong questions. If you have refurbished a property, then by putting a tenant in, you will devalue it, due to wear and tear. So if it best to sell after it has been refurbished.

Also, I think renovations costs prior to first renting are not tax deductible.

Avoid the drama of renting it out!... Read More


18:12 PM, 27th February 2018, About 4 years ago

Landlords - Be prepared for increasing regulation

I had a electric check done, only for the tenant to change light fittings and got a 'mate' who works in the building. He put a screw through on the wires.

There should be still penalties for tenants who tamper with electrics.

I got fed up of battery smoke alarms going missing, so paid an electrician to fit hard wire smoke alarm, only to find they had disconnected it (and left exposed wires). It was fitted fair away from the kitchen (to avoid false alarm), even then I struggle to understand why they removed it.

If the Government wants to have such rules, then they need to have still penalties for tenants too.... Read More


18:01 PM, 27th February 2018, About 4 years ago

Equality laws could affect "no benefit tenants" policies

When I rent my property out directly, I refused HB tenants, because I don't understand the application process.

A prospective tenant told, that I had to sign an AST contract. She would then take it to the Council, who then would process the application. I had no way of knowing if this tenant is entitled to benefits or not.

For a landlord dealing direct with a tenant, it is a lot easier with payslips and bank statements to prove in come.... Read More