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Justin Brooks

20:56 PM, 25th January 2016, About 6 years ago

HMO Gross Yields and what is reasonable?

Don't quite understand why your not satisfied with 12% GP. I've had a block of 6 flats which have no mortgage and valued at £200k. The rental income is in excess of £25k and net out at £21k. Over the last 12 years I've probably had a couple of months of none occupancy. Yes, I've had the odd problem tenant but that's life. I do all the management and maintainance which is very easy given the structure and fabric of the building but do try to set a high standard which attracts good tenants. As I approach a time in life when I MIGHT consider selling and investing the sale proceeds I have to take a look at the stock market and think how good this investment really is. Where can you get regular income, capital appreciation and, on average, 4 hours work a week. Great return and a good living to compliment other interests.... Read More