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23:43 PM, 10th December 2015
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BEWARE - there is no Capital Gains Tax Roll-Over on BuyToLet

Maybe this is off topic, but I have sold own residence 3 months ago, and moved into one of my rental props which I've had since end 2007. -
I am worried that if I let the lender know that it's no longer btl, I am breaking mortgage terms and they could get nasty. (MT are very vicious) No one''s mentioned that aspect and whether they changed their mortgage product,if they had a btl mortgage in progress.
So until I am clear on it , I have not told them and still use old correspondence address for them, but I have updated other addresses, banks dvla etc. To avoid CGT what is the minimum I need to live in it assuming HMRC don't investigate and give me a hard time? Your feedback would be most helpful.... Read More