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Don H

5:46 AM, 3rd July 2016, About 5 years ago

Could Post Brexit Government Be Landlords Dream Team?

Out of all the candidates Andrea Leadsom is, by far the best option as PM. Her presentations during the debates were cogent and well considered. Add to this the manner in which she presented her responses, which was respectful but firm.
Theresa May looks the part but has been somewhat of a disaster in her previous cabinet positions especially when it comes to presenting her "argument"
With regard to the others - including TM - none of them are really ideal candidates for what is to come in negotiations with either the EU nor within the country.... Read More

Don H

21:00 PM, 10th November 2015, About 6 years ago

How do I apply to enforce a Section 21 in a court application

Having just gone through the full eviction process as a result of the somewhat bizarre behaviour of a "tenant" I am sorry to hear of your plight and, as has been mentioned by Tessa the so called Accelerated procedure is not quite what it sounds like. However, it is worth it in the end - once you have cleaned up the mess and damage that is left in their trail..

That said, I never cease to be amazed to hear of Councils - and/or Shelter and CAB - advising or encouraging tenants to remain in the property "till the bitter end" without ever trying to understand the problem behind the Landlord wanting to evict the tenant. Yes I know that it is the law, however, if the tenant is a problem to neighbours whether it be noise, drugs or any other anti social behaviour it does seem fascicle for the tenant to be encouraged to remain till the Bailiff has been assigned to the case (regardless of whether the original action was via a Section 21 or a Section 8 notice).
Maybe it is the underlying law that needs to be amended for certain - specified - scenario.... Read More

Don H

11:28 AM, 27th October 2015, About 6 years ago

Can you pursue monies owed by tenants through Universal Credit?

Hi Rob,
Many thanks for your comprehensive input and clarifications on this matter, it is greatly appreciated.

It is slightly bewildering that the Government does not provide some means - within the benefits system - whereby ex tenants can be held accountable for previous debts within that system, especially given a response I received from David Freud about a year ago stating that the Universal Credit system was aimed at giving claimants more responsibility over their finances, this is very laudable, however along with responsibility surely should come accountability.

If, as is the case at present, a tenant can run up debts, move on to a new tenancy to start again, all the time avoiding being pursued for the previous debts because of the costs involved and potential for not receiving any monies subsequently, such Tenants will never be held accountable for their misdoings.

However, if the benefits system incorporated measures for pursuing such debts from within the system itself then surely that would make such tenants truly responsible - and accountable - for their finances.

I realise that such a system would never happen because of costs involved however, court action is similarly expensive therefore maybe some "tradeoff" could be derived from Landlords to pay for the service - maybe a percentage of money retrieved each time.... Read More

Don H

11:38 AM, 23rd September 2015, About 6 years ago

Poorly worded farcical new regulations

Poorly worded legislation leads to many more court cases in which Judges provide their own "take" on what was implied by the legislation - and we have seen the panic that can result from this.
It is about time that legislators provided clear and concise guidelines as to exactly what they are proposing - unless of course they don't really understand the issues on which they are trying to legislate themselves.

.... Read More

Don H

12:28 PM, 5th July 2015, About 6 years ago

Implied Surrender of Tenancy

Many thanks Romain and Tessa for your clarifications on this point.... Read More