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Peter Fredericks

8:47 AM, 21st September 2020
About 4 months ago

DWP Pensions Minister has not got a clue how Universal Credit works

I agree Bill but the problem is that it is our failed and utterly inadequate established political class and the equally inadequate laughing-stock Whitehall civil service who "designed" and "implemented" these flawed systems in the first instance. At almost every level of activity we are let down by these smug hapless and complacent amateurs in Whitehall. Going to the local MP might make some impression but they are pretty well powerless to do anything that goes against the governmental grain. We live in a failing and fading country with little proper representation and where things that were previously unconscionable are becoming the norm. Just look at the Tenant Fees Act, originated in the House of Lords of all places, requiring landlords to undertake and/or pay agents to perform vast amounts of work for which they cannot be paid/reimbursed, massively discriminatory but not unlawful under a so-called Equality Act that is shot through with holes and our so-called constitution.... Read More

Peter Fredericks

13:36 PM, 31st July 2020
About 6 months ago

Are courts going to turn vehemently anti-landlord?

The County Courts are in melt down and COVID has only made matters even worse. I received an Order this week, made by the Judge on 14 July 2020, issued by the Court Office 2nd class on 24 July 2020 and received on 30 July 2020. Depending on when the 14 day clock started ticking (ostensibly 14 July 2020) for a response to the Court, I received the Order after the deadline for a reply. Today I have just raised a formal complaint with another Court. They required submissions by 11 June 2020 and have still not issued an order in a pressing matter over 7 weeks later.
I reflect o the fact that access to justice is restricted anyway by the astronomical Court fees implemented by Mr Chris "failing" Grayling, the most inept Minister I can remember.

By the way if you're thinking of complaining, my experience pre-COVID was that the complaints system itself did not work, with emails lost and deadlines missed!... Read More

Peter Fredericks

12:57 PM, 8th June 2020
About 8 months ago

Refund deposit after tenant fee ban transition period ends 1st June?

I believe it my be the case that a contractual (as opposed to a statutory monthly) periodic tenancy continuing after the fixed period is NOT caught by the Tenant Fees Act, even when the periodic phase of the tenancy commences after 1 June 2020. Is that true?... Read More

Peter Fredericks

12:11 PM, 24th January 2020
About A year ago

Knotweed affecting value of property

This appeared to work when I tried it a number of years ago:
spray down with industrial strength Roundup mixed with Diesel about 5:1.... Read More

Peter Fredericks

12:04 PM, 24th January 2020
About A year ago

Evicted but when should we enforce £20,000 debt?

I suggest you try this:
Identify her PERSONAL bank account, the one from which she probably paid you rental or anything else. Your bank should be able to help you if you do not know this, as it can trace sort codes and account numbers for payments you receive. You or your agent may have her bank details from the tenancy application form anyway.
Apply to the County Court for a Third Party debt Order and get the Order served when you think she might have money in the account ; easier for salaried people as they have a set pay day. You might also be able to "freeze" the balance in the Company bank account if you can show that as a third party it has assets that belong to her. Timing is all sometimes with the TPDOs.... Read More