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Gareth Wilson

21:33 PM, 20th December 2017, About 4 years ago

You're in Charge...

Here are my ideas. Don't be scared. I'm filled with love really.

1) Replace the mandatory foreign aid spending target with a disaster relief fund, where unspent money carries over into the next budget year to be topped up to the required amount, and is independent of preset mandatory spending commitments.
2) Restrict the EU "divorce" settlement to the value of the UK's actual existing spending commitments and let the EU whistle for £39m+ (more on this later).
3) Complete Brexit and end Britain's yearly net contribution to the EU.
4) End child tax credits and the working family tax credit, redirecting HMRC resources to a new superior working tax credit that I shall come back to below.
5) All new child benefit claimants restricted to claiming child benefit for no more than two children.
6) Housing benefit to be capped to £20'000 per year in London and £10'000 per year throughout the rest of the UK.
7) Introduce a 0.5% turnover tax, levied upon the gross sales of all companies operating in the UK, headquartered and paying tax on their profits overseas, to solve the problem of highly successful multinationals paying comparatively minuscule levels of tax in the UK. Because all companies headquartered and paying tax on their profits within the UK will be exempt from the turnover tax, this will in turn create an incentive for companies to declare their profits for taxation in the UK and to relocate their headquarters to the UK (bringing additional clerical jobs in the process). Exemptions from the turnover tax will also be offered on a case-by-case basis to overseas based companies investing in manufacturing and research and development operations within the UK.
8) Wipe out VAT fraud. Have all VAT registered addresses with abnormally frequent VAT number registrations, all companies associated with those addresses, and all directors of those companies investigated and interrogated by HMRC. Unpaid VAT will be retrospectively calculated and demanded by HMRC. Failure to settle the demand will lead to the confiscation and sale of assets by HMRC.

1) Abolish income tax entirely for everyone earning £21k/year or less.
2) Lower the higher rate of income tax to 35% and the additional rate of income tax to 40%.
3) Abolish employee, self-employed and employer national insurance contributions.
4) Restore the central government grant for councils to pre-austerity levels, but fix council tax for 10 years and force all councils to slash business rates by 50% across the board.
5) Scrap section 24 to lessen upward pressure on rents and further free up admin within HMRC.
6) Restore police funding to pre-austerity levels, slash virtue-signalling police red tape to ensure maximum bodies on the beat, while forcing the police to investigate all crime again and sharpening the organisation into a well-equipped Police FORCE, prioritising the physical stature and prowess of its newest beat cops over politically-correct box ticking.
7) Further increase jobs in the research and technology sectors, while making the UK a force to be reckoned with, by INCREASING defence spending and showing no hesitation in using defence assets to dissuade incursions into British territory.
8) Don't increase the national minimum wage to £10/hr (a Labour idea) to ensure that hard-up small businesses are not sunk by high wage costs. But...
9) Greatly incentivise businesses to pay their workers at a rate equivalent to £10/hr, by allowing them to claim back the necessary increase for each worker as an additional tax credit (on top of offsetting them against tax as an increased outgoing). Previously freed up HMRC resources will be redirected towards the reconciling of these filed yearly claims from businesses with the bank statements they must also submit to qualify for the additional tax credit.

1) Walk out from the negotiations and proceed to arrange bilateral free trade deals immediately.
2) Do not impose tariffs upon EU goods and services. Do not erect a hard border with the Republic Ireland. The UK would however react accordingly should the EU or Ireland fail to demonstrate the same initial restraint, but ultimately the ball will be in their court to spite their own faces with an Irish hard border and/or tariffs imposed upon British goods and services by the EU.... Read More

Gareth Wilson

23:48 PM, 9th June 2017, About 5 years ago

What does a Hung Parliament mean for Landlords?

After their 2015 election victory, the Conservatives proceeded to betray and alienate various of their traditional voters. Then this spring their arrogance reached new heights with the blatant abuse of their power to call elections, the utter nonchalance of the party's current leader to toward campaigning before the general public, and their insulting expectation of the very voter base they'd spent the last two years backstabbing and exploiting to still be motivated to go out and vote on the Tories' behalf.

First there was Section 24, then the attempts to raid pensions, then the behind-the-scenes-screwing of our cabbies on behalf of Uber. They tried to increase national insurance contributions for the self-employed and utilised the same disgusting levelling-the-playing-field sophistry that they did with Section 24. They have taxed insurance premiums and tried to tax a truly obscene proportion of the property wealth of pensioners requiring care. They been laissez-faire and conservative towards their wealthiest friends and allies, while being destructive tax and spend socialists towards small businesses who are the real economic backbone of Britain.

Last night the accumulated arrogance, sophistry and backstabbing of the last two years culminated in sections of the betrayed core vote not bothering to turn out. Those of my friends who I am aware voted Tory in 2015 did not vote at all. I voted Conservative in 2015 and last night voted for UKIP.

We'd been treated as expendable in favour of the Conservatives gaining new votes from students and the youngest workers. But in this endeavour, the Tories were outdone by the grandiose irresponsibility of Labour... so yet another gamble that failed to pay-off.

All-in-all it was just deserts for the corrupt corporatist prostitutes of Westminster.... Read More

Gareth Wilson

19:35 PM, 18th April 2017, About 5 years ago

General Election 8th June - Who on earth do landlords vote for?

The Tories are as expendable to me as Section 24 showed we are to them...

I'd sooner rip out my own eye balls than vote for that bunch of corrupt, corporatist, small-business-bashing, mealy-mouthed, backstabbing twirps.... Read More

Gareth Wilson

21:42 PM, 12th March 2017, About 5 years ago

Spring Budget 2017 - Landlords Reactions

Imagine how the Independent would cry, if an article were written using a similar title to the below, but with the words "self employed" replaced with "benefit claimants" or "asylum seekers".

The alt-right prospers from the condescension of these metropolitan-socialist, ignoramus pillocks.... Read More

Gareth Wilson

22:53 PM, 9th March 2017, About 5 years ago

Spring Budget 2017 - Landlords Reactions

Reply to the comment left by "Lee Humby" at "09/03/2017 - 09:16":

Now the mask has slipped, and the rest of the country is seeing the bullying, sophistry and contempt towards small business, that individual landlords bore the brunt of in 2015.

From Hammond to Osborne... this evening's Newsnight is a catalogue of Tory betrayal and corruption.

I would also like to add that prior to the 2015 general election we, the British public, were told Vote UKIP = Get Labour.


England voted Tory... and it still got Labour!... Read More