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jell Mat

18:41 PM, 26th October 2015, About 6 years ago

Prepayment gas meter faults - tenant's or agency/landlord's responsibility?

Many thanks for your advice gentlemen.

I must admit that I have not received instructions upon my move and I never had a prepayment system before. That said, I thought that after trying to activate the gas meter and my card and failing a number of times, it was logical to call the agency given that I did not know where the problem was at the time.

Furthermore and to answer the question above, I did use the gas meter over the summer months as I was mainly using it for the hot water purposes. I loaded the same card a number of times before and I never had any issues. I also followed the instructions rigorously before and now when I had problems and tried many times. After all, it feels that it was just a card/meter one-off failure to activate itself.

I do admit that it might not have been the agency I should have called but I cannot help but think that they could have mentioned that to me before they sent the maintenance team to my home twice. I cannot shake off the feeling that it is a little excessive for me to pay for the call out as a 'life experience' when I feel this is why the agency is paid for as well - to advise and assist the tenant when the property is not in working condition rather then just blindly sending a costly-service providers without any thinking through.

Thank you again for your help, it is most appreciated. I am due to meet with the agency team tomorrow to further discuss they procedures and I am grateful that I received your advices before the meeting.

Best regards,
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