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Monday 26th October 2015

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Steve Griffiths

16:40 PM, 26th October 2015, About 6 years ago

Prepayment gas meter faults - tenant's or agency/landlord's responsibility?

As mentioned the meter is the property of the gas supplier not the landlord, so any problems need to be reported to them.

In my experience though, apart from complete display failure from a flat battery pack, all other issues are due to not putting the credit on the meter correctly.

It is possible to put your card in the meter and for it to accept the credit but not turn the meter 'On', I have seen this many times and been called out to rectify 'Heating' faults only to find it is a gas supply issue and end up out of pocket or making a nominal charge.

It is very important that you follow the instructions on the front of the meter exactly as in press button A, insert card, press and hold button B until meter shows credit and turns to On etc otherwise you end up in the situation you are in.

In my opinion the first engineer should have been able to explain this to you and demonstrate how to do it, even though it is not the agencies responsibility, but this would have negated the second call out, so paying for the one call out and putting that down to a life experience would seem reasonable to me.... Read More