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Abi Condliffe

17:35 PM, 20th October 2015, About 7 years ago

How long does it take for a tenant eviction?

Councils do force tenants and landlords to go to the extremes of calling in the bailiffs. This has happened recently to someone close to me. Through no fault of her own she has to move out as her landlady has left the property in such a state of disrepair (despite advice from her tenant of major cosmetic and structural faults ), that now it is unfit to live and she's selling up as it is.
The tenant had never fell behind with rent or bills and has made her home as comfortable as possible despite her disabilities etc. Yet she will be on the streets or in emergency housing once the bailiffs turn up as that's the only way the local authorities will help. A pain to all really.
I suggest there be a monitoring system in place for all landlords especially like the one I've mentioned ( I realise not all are like this), as it seems incomprehensible to me why one would not want to invest in a property they receive so much rent for a month.. Perhaps landlords ought to be vetted as much as the tenant is....... Read More