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Theo Steve

13:38 PM, 22nd March 2016, About 6 years ago

Freehold in Company - Outvoted on decisions

Thank you all for your responses. I believe that I should be able to claim under the insurance policy, as the no claims bonus will be lost, the other two directors voted against me claiming under the insurance. As a result, I have not been able to contact the insurance company.

Has anyone got any experience on the next steps that can be taken so this claim can be made via the insurance even though the other directors are being "unreasonable"?

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Theo Steve

0:01 AM, 22nd October 2015, About 6 years ago

Property Succession to Children - me

Hi All,

Thank you for your responses and sorry I didn't provide enough information. My parents are married and there is no will in place.

I am being added to the mortgage but also the deeds are being changed and my name will be added on land registry records so for the avoidance of doubt the land registry records will show my name and my parents names.

We don't expect to pay off the mortgages as they are interest only and the idea would be to simply re-mortgage at every timely opportunity. Given this, does this mean if my parents were to pass after 7 years that I could inherit the property avoiding IHT by simply re-mortgaging the property in my name.

I would appreciate if you could provide information of a specialist who could properly advise in this area.

Many Thanks in advance,

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