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Bournemouth Runner

21:39 PM, 28th May 2018, About 4 years ago

Which Billboard Design Do You Prefer?

The current ad is not really appropriate for a billboard next to a road. Those spaces are typically for ads that can be read and understood in 2 to 3 seconds, ie. as you're driving past. Usually a 10 word headline and (these days) a url.
Long copy ads such as your current one are much better suited to places where people are stationary, captive and waiting, ie bus shelter end panels, insides of tube carriages, across the tracks of train platforms, or other such places where your target audience is likely to be idle.
The shorter one is better suited to roadside placement, but could be more dramatic to spur the reader into action (think of how strong (but simple) those landlord-blaming Shelter ads were a few years back:
Owen O'Neil and Steve Hards' comments have got the right ideas, esp Steve's suggestions for copy.... Read More

Bournemouth Runner

0:09 AM, 6th December 2015, About 6 years ago

Bought a property with tenants in situ

I had a similar situation recently. The agent couldn't release the deposit to me to protect (and shouldn't to you), as it's the Tenant's money, not mine. If I'd have agreed to use the same protection scheme, the deposit account could've just been transferred into my name and this would've been the simplest and safest, but I really didn't want to use that scheme.

Luckily, the tenants seemed very co-operative throughout the sale, and so it was sorted that the Letting Agent returned the deposit to the tenants on day of completion and terminated the existing AST. The tenants had pre-signed a new AST with me (mortgage lender's insistence) which began on the day of completion, and then the tenants forwarded the returned deposit to me to protect as soon as it hit their account (this happened about a week later).

This was all agreed with the tenants prior to purchase, and could've easily backfired as my solicitor pointed out the tenants in reality were under no legal obligation to forward me the deposit. He couldn't make them doing so a condition of sale because I wasn't purchasing from them, they were a third party. I just had to trust my gut feeling that they would co-operate, and am pleased to say they did.

Have you started a new AST, or somehow transferred the existing AST in to your name?... Read More

Bournemouth Runner

10:18 AM, 8th October 2015, About 6 years ago

Best carpet for BTL property with steep slippery stairs?

Thanks Neil. I don't think it warrants replacing the stairs, they're typical of terraced house staircases in thousands of properties up and down the country. I've lived in a few myself (and slipped down those myself!) and they do require a bit of extra care when traversing. I just don't think this current carpet is helping matters.... Read More