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Kevin Kilkenny

11:06 AM, 13th July 2016, About 5 years ago

Purchase of a licensed HMO without planning permission?

Central Bedfordshire, just South of Milton Keynes, only require planning permission if a property has 6 or more bedrooms. I am converting a house with 5 bedrooms and had the planning officer confirm this. Although you will still need to be licenced.

So if you are considering creating a HMO, check out your council's view on this as they do vary. A nice opportunity without planning....makes me smile :-)... Read More

Kevin Kilkenny

11:20 AM, 12th December 2015, About 6 years ago

Damp and what the correct next steps are?

I've a granite walled house and having the same problem. Done my research. Problem I have is gypsum plaster stopping the moisture exiting through the naturally porous granite. My quick fix solution is to install a spacer into double glazed unit so window can only lock in the 'ajar' position. Monitoring this at the moment. If it needs more help then I am hacking off the plaster underneath the window where this mould occurs (Thinnest part of the wall). Repoint with lime mortar and leaving as a feature. If it doesn't look good then I'll plaster with a lime based plaster and a breathable paint which is compatible with old style plaster. Lime wash was the old breathable solution.

If this doesn't work, I'll fit a ventilator. Some would argue for a ventilator straight away and it may be the best solution in new houses. Old houses need old solutions. These problems were solved years ago, but new materials and building practices have blinded us.... Read More

Kevin Kilkenny

11:57 AM, 9th November 2015, About 6 years ago

Tenants have created HMO and now council insist on licence?

Tenant's that sublet. A pain in the r's that I know all too well.

If I were in your position, I'd seek further clarification from all parties.

First, there is a difference between people and households. I take it that the original two are a household (husband/wife, partners etc). Are the two new tenant's a household? If they are or a willing to be viewed as that then 2 households a HMO does not make!! SOLVED.

Secondly, seek written clarification from the LA what defines household's and HMO's. Create a paper chain of delay and confusion while you try and sort this out. Personally, I wouldn't pay them a penny and let them take me to court to explain how this came about. Being calm and rational with physical comm's is the way forward. Prove that you are reasonable and willing to resolve this.

thirdly, did your AST tenants inform you of these new tenant's before or after 14 days of them moving in and what checks did they perform (criminal records, CCJ's etc). They have to do so, even if not stated in their agreement, and if not more ammunition.

Mr Narbeth's comments cover my other thoughts.

But the approach I would take is talk to the tenants, make them aware of what they have created and how in the long term it will affect them. Suggest that the four are two households which, if they are willing, you will need written confirmation from them. At the same time, take the legal route privately (as Mr Patterson advises) and with the LA pursuing you.

Be firm and reasonable with the tenant's and steer them to a mutually beneficial end. Otherwise, use all at hand to press it home!1

Good luck.

KK... Read More

Kevin Kilkenny

13:26 PM, 3rd October 2015, About 6 years ago

Has Regulated Tenancy turned into an HMO subletting rooms?

I decided to write and ask the tenant to answer the questions put forward by the insurer.

The tenant replied that I should forward my building insurance application form for them to see the questions and for a copy of my insurance which they say is required by the 1977 Rent Act.

I've looked briefly through the Act and cannot find any requirement to supply copies of building insurance to regulated tenants. If they were lessee's then I could understand this position. As they do not contribute to the insurance as per the '77 Act, do they still have a right to a copy!!

I'm a bit put out that they want to have influence over my insurance application and feel that they are entitled to act in this obstructive way.

Can anyone clarify this please?

In the meantime, I am writing back presenting the insurer's questions again and if they would direct me to where in the Act that it states building insurance copies have to be forwarded to tenants.


k... Read More

Kevin Kilkenny

20:40 PM, 27th September 2015, About 6 years ago

Has Regulated Tenancy turned into an HMO subletting rooms?

Hello Paul,

That's a good point. However, this tenant is a shrewd cookie.

If I were to report and she had or had not declared, how would I know?

I doubt she would tell me or even HMRC!!! Is there a way to see if she has?... Read More