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Eleanor White

13:59 PM, 13th March 2014, About 7 years ago

Giving a Tenant a Reference

Reply to the comment left by "Dean " at "13/03/2014 - 13:45":

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Eleanor White

13:07 PM, 13th March 2014, About 7 years ago

Giving a Tenant a Reference

Our referencing agency were really reluctant to provide the transcript because of exactly this reason. Their fear was that it would discourage landlords from providing references, but unfortunately the law is the law and they had to surrender the transcript. Incidentally it proved that the agency had not done anything other than be honest. There was absolutely no content that the tenant could argue with as it was entirely factual.

As Vanessa says, it's a double edged sword, and landlords can have motivations to provide a good or bad reference.

We do have situations when landlords either can't or won't provide a reference, in which case we ask the tenant to provide bank statements to show that they have been paying the monthly rent, and encourage the new landlord to visit them at their current property to see the condition it is being kept in.

I can totally understand your reservations about providing a reference, but a good agency shouldn't act as this agency has done, which essentially seems to have passed the buck to you!

Provided you are honest and stick to the facts, there should never be any cause for complaint.... Read More

Eleanor White

12:35 PM, 13th March 2014, About 7 years ago

Giving a Tenant a Reference

Hi Dean.

I had a very similar case to this. We had to decline a tenant based on not only their landlord reference, but some other issues that were also concerning the new landlord, not least their credit history. They demanded the transcript from our referencing agency, which under data protection and freedom of information they had to provide. They then took the issue up with the agent who had provided the reference. The agent had said that they would relet, but in view of the culmination of evidence in the reference report (and their general nervousness about the tenant) the landlord still declined them. As Mark says, perhaps it is worth you providing the tenant with all of the information you provided. You have a duty to be honest in your reference, and they can't object to the facts that you noted.

From what you have said, it does seem that the agency are using a few things you have mentioned as the basis of their decline, but it is likely that there were various other factors at play.... Read More

Eleanor White

16:06 PM, 10th March 2014, About 7 years ago

To-Let Advertising - Dissing the Opposition!

Hi Simon

In my experience, asking the tenant to pay a contribution towards a service charge is fine as long as you're upfront about it. Often the service charge will include water and sewerage, so effectively the tenant is only paying for the utilities within the charge anyway.

The majority of tenants don't try to negotiate on price (though in London it is more common), so try not to set the price at a point that you will negotiate from. All that will happen is that you don't get the enquiries in the first place. Better to pitch the rent at a price you are happy with and fix it at that.

If a tenant does negotiate, look at their offer on the basis of how quickly they can move and how long they want to stay for (and of course the result of their referencing).

I look at it from a numbers point of view. If I drop the rent on a £1000pcm let by £50 per month, but they can move immediately, it would take 20 months to make up the shortfall of getting full asking price from a tenant who can't move for a month (does that make sense!).

If you go on the market at a high price, after a week ask your agent for their thoughts. They should look at the number of enquiries and the click through rate and be able to advise whether the price is right.

Good luck!

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Eleanor White

13:21 PM, 10th March 2014, About 7 years ago