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Thursday 17th September 2015

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Crystal Havard

21:40 PM, 17th September 2015, About 7 years ago

Legionella scaremongering by some letting agents debunked


This has been an interesting thread to follow. We've had our agent tell us we need to get a Legionnaires risk assessment done; and surprise surprise they can arrange it for £150 (can't remember if that included VAT or not).

Having done a bit of research on it, I came to the conclusion we could do it ourselves UNTIL we found a sample report by a company called "Green Water Services".

Their sample report is at this link.

The report seems pretty comprehensive, yet based on some of the discussions here seems very over the top for a self contained domestic letting.

I'd be interested in here from the experts in the field as to whether this is required level of detail or whether this is simply over the top to justify the fees involved.

My understanding (at its simplest) was that the risk assessment simply needed to look at the system, check that the temperatures met the criteria at exit points and that an action log was provided to the tenant to ensure they regularly cleaned taps, shower heads and the like.... Read More