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Michael M

10:41 AM, 19th August 2019
About 3 months ago

£200 outstanding bill on prepayment/key meters?

Hi Kathy
I am in exactly the same position. My agent advises me that the debt follows the tenant. It is not your responsibility. Apparently if you call the suppler they should give you a code for each meter which you then give to a retailer where you buy the top-up card from. The code will then negate the outstanding debt to zero and allow you to put a payment, say £10, onto each meter. It is the suppliers job to then chase the debt. Hope this helps.
Regards Mick... Read More

Michael M

12:53 PM, 25th May 2017
About 3 years ago

Selling a tenanted 1 bed flat (AST tenancy)

I've also sold a property with tenant in-situ. I contacted our local estate agents who usually have a register of landlords who are in the market to buy properties. You may have to accept a slightly lower than market price, because any landlord worth his salt would always be looking to buy below market value. My experience is that, once you have found a landlord interested in purchasing your property, the sale is usually swift and uncomplicated. All the best. Mick... Read More