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Julie Jones

17:34 PM, 1st May 2016
About 5 years ago

EDF forced entry into property with warrant on tenant!

I've had a similar experience of an energy company holding me responsible for a debt which wasn't mine, and continually chasing me for the same. Having got thoroughly fed up, it seems I inadvertently found a way to get the energy company to update their records:

Having had an issue with NPower chasing me for a debt left by a tenant, I provided them with tenancy documentation. More than once. Considerable time was spent not only providing them with documentation on multiple occasions and discussing the issue with them on multiple occasions, during which they admitted, more than once, that they had the documentation on file, but that they hadn't transferred it into the right bit of their system yet. Eventually I told them that if they carried on continually contacting me, I would be billing them for my time, and that contacting me further on this matter would be deemed to be acceptance of this agreement.

Further to sending invoices more than once, and the barrage of chasing from NPower still continuing, I started a small claims court claim for the debt outstanding for my time spent coordinating things. NPower have just agreed to settle this out of court.... Read More