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8:31 AM, 8th September 2018
About A year ago

Discrimination in the rental sector

It’s not always financially feasible to approach one specific lender who may agree with Shelter as there are often restrictions with lenders who may cap the amount a LL who has several properties can borrow. Lenders themselves know that it’s the HB tenants themselves who don’t pay their rent that cause the LLto default on their mortgage. LLs know it’s the lenders that will take action against them to recover the arrears not the tenant. LLs may have Rent Protection which will also restrict who they can rent their property to - will Shelter be just as successful persuadeing insurers as they claim to have been with lenders - I don’t think so. When will the Givt wake up and smell the coffee? It’s not discrimination against tenants on HB, it’s about affordability and affordable housing oh that’s right I forgot, they sold all the housing stock and the tenants have now cashed in but the government have spent all the money on vanity projects like HS2... Read More