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mike coltart

11:22 AM, 19th September 2020, About A year ago

Electric safety certificate/CCU/fuse board

i am an older electrician , now getting out of the trade, why well age is against me ,but what hurts is the amount of (so called electricians we noe have roaming the streets, having completed the so called electrical courses and gained all these certificates, having done the theory side ofthe training, then they are let loose to rip off who knows , the have no experience
of working say within an old dwelling with loads of bodged work having been done in thepast , many of them just continue the bodges , and charge, as for these so called certification schemes for building regs etc , again it prints money in fees for these companies who run the schemes (does not matter which one ) we need a law that prevents people working on any electrical job , unless they have been employed by an electrical company for say two years, so they can have proof they are trained,but its thesame with most trades , in the property maintenance areas, some of late have offered me £200.00 per job??? so what are they charging the end user? its a rip off across the board all trades, so next time you want a trades man. i would not pick out any in the on line trade sites, i would say get some one who you can check on the background of work they have done , and ( NEVER PAY UP FRONT )always in stages with a retainer at the last payment, protect your investment from these rip off merchants, as i say its leading bodies who make the rules , but they never follow up whos doing what and whos the job done , even the once a year electrical /plumbing competence check are rubbish , as they look at have you done the form filling correct and lets look at one job ,
nothing can beat a person who has spent many years working in the trades.can do the job/ and does it correct .but unless you are willing to spend a fortune on courses and get a certificate thaat means nothing your classed as a bodger and not allowed to do the job anymore. where are the skilled people ??? they left thet rades for this reason. mike... Read More

mike coltart

10:41 AM, 8th September 2020, About A year ago

Government prospectus inviting bids for the affordable housing programme launched today

we have a self contained annex to the side of our house, its is built to refelect the same as other houses in the area, we have a (planning condition) which prevents us from splitting the two properties , by title deeds, so we said to the planners we would like to rent out the annex , its large two bed two baths etc.
but now planners come back and said we would breach our planning restriction , as the property (must remain one dwelling)
we have spoken to planning specialist who said try a section (4) apply for a certificate of lawfullness, this the council turned down as we are in a special protection area ,and it could harm wildlife on the common ==200metres away??? also its against there policy to allow and new residential units. we said its been
here for seven years (how can it be new)?
anyone know how to get round these stupid council rules.
then the same council allow a new bungalow ,to replace a mobile home (under the ten year rule, but right in the middle of the protection area with a no new build policy???... Read More