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Roger Rabbit

2:21 AM, 7th December 2015, About 6 years ago

How to tell a great tenant the rent has to go up a third?

If they have been good to you, you should be good to them.

I would go half way within a year so £1300 in Nov 2016 and then £1600 in Nov 2017 that is if they want to stay.

Its is reasonable it gives them a good amount of time. Also you will probably not get £600pm extra you are more likely to get 55-60% of that depending on your marginal rate of tax. So although you gain £330 they lose £600 and the chancellor gets the difference... Read More

Roger Rabbit

2:14 AM, 7th December 2015, About 6 years ago

Room size rules - Council want to issue closure notices!

lots of people value a smaller and cheaper room. I know one landlord with a HMO which has 5 big rooms and one small room. £450 for the big rooms £350 for the small one. When he has a small and a big room available he gives the choice to the tenant which they would like and in half of the cases they go for the smaller room

the powers that be and their inexperienced cheerleaders basically want to take that choice away.

Anyway what will happen to his small room is that he will knock through and one of the doubles will become a v.big double he can offer at a higher price. one less room rental in the area which means higher prices for renters.... Read More

Roger Rabbit

2:11 AM, 7th December 2015, About 6 years ago

Room size rules - Council want to issue closure notices!

The problem with increasing quality is that it decreases quantity and that will result in higher prices

Imagine a law that baned farmers from selling potatoes or eggs that were below a government approved size. Less potatoes or eggs would get to market and what is on the market would thus be a higher price

Also some people have argued that a tenant does not want to rent the small room they are forced to do it because its all they can afford. That's just a stupid as saying mr smith doesn't want to buy a ford he really wants the Bentley but he is forced to buy the ford as its all he can afford.... Read More

Roger Rabbit

14:08 PM, 16th October 2015, About 6 years ago

Buying a property with tenant in situ and needing a major increase in rent ?

Always be reasonable with renters. In your situation I would offer the same rent for 12 months but let them know that if they wish to stay another 12 months the rent will be whatever the market rent is at that time... Read More

Roger Rabbit

20:05 PM, 13th October 2015, About 6 years ago

Summer Budget 2015 - Landlords Reactions

The real fear is that this becomes a political hot potato and both the main parties try to outdo each other by over taxing and over regulating the sector more and more

Someone posted that a conservative MP said that the changes were good and expect more.

If this goes though I suspect they will wait and see what impact it has and if its not too bad they will get rid of the other half (ie no finance costs)

Personally I think that cash purchases of rental and high deposit (40-50%) BTLs will keep the sector growing so even though it will impact individual geared landlords the sector will not contract

So my guess is that if this goes through and if the conservatives win the next GE expect the other half of finance costs to be phased out between 2020-2025... Read More