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Richard Oakman

16:54 PM, 25th April 2020
About 6 months ago

Lodger claiming that I am harassing?

In the late autumn of 2018 I noted that with three lodgers in my own home, I should need an Additional Licence as the London Borough Council had decided it should apply to my locality. After reading the requirements, I decided that I didn't want door closers throughout my own home. I had the linked smoke alarms but there were further regulations and stipulations that would have meant more work and time on my part. Thus, I decided to give one lodger notice and to reduce to two thereby not needing the Licence. This lead to a complete change in mood on his part, to some threats and to him shutting himself in his room - even though I had offered to be as supportive as possible. One month's rent was withheld (an "admin" problem on his part) though the following month's rent was paid. Luckily, he left within the month's notice but had, in the mean time, consumed about £250 worth of my whisky and wine! I also had a visit from the Council's Enforcement Officer after he left; the officer was impressed with the house (and its four bedrooms and 4 bathrooms!). As stated in the advice to Kelly, there are always those with a personality disorder who may become a lodger. I always have an agreement and an inventory. My remaining lodgers are charming and helpful; I do hope Kelly's situation quickly resolved itself in a good way.... Read More

Richard Oakman

22:15 PM, 8th September 2018
About 2 years ago

Why didn’t Shelter find somewhere for Stephen?

I think we need rather more basic housing as the rents needed to mainain a property under the current regulations, centrally heated and furnished with white goods etc, even with a cheap mortgage, are quite high. Thus we have restricted Housing benefit and other controls and, I agree the worst of scenarios, rent paid directly to the claimant. I remember dealing with Fair Rented properties in the 1980s many of which had no bathroom and certainly no fitted kitchen or furniture! These would not be easy to let nowadays but there must be a need for slightly more basic accommodation. There is really no excuse, after all these years, for inefficiency in the payment of benefits - we just need more experienced staff! I am enjoying my retirement!... Read More