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Thursday 18th July 2013

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9:42 AM, 18th July 2013
About 8 years ago

Tenancy agreements - At the end of the fixed term

I do not follow how a tenant can become liable for wasted costs in the circumstances you describe. Could you please explain more particularly?

The definition of wasted costs per The Supreme Court ‘(now Senior Courts)’ Act 1981, s 51(6) appears to confine itself to the activites of legal or other representatives soif a tenant was acting for himself (as principal) then would that Act apply?

Even allowing that wasted costs arose, these presumably would be slight in most circumstances as there would often by no additional costs that would arise only from a tenant's failure to give notice over a circumstance where notice was given. The main expense to the landlord would be in income forgone rather than additonal costs.... Read More