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Dave Driver

11:05 AM, 28th February 2020
About a month ago

Body sized hole in bathroom escape - Who pays?

Seems to be a bit of a discrepancy here. If the door and the lock were in perfect working order, why couldn't she get out?... Read More

Dave Driver

18:49 PM, 20th February 2020
About a month ago

Tenant claiming £10k damages?

What is the reasoning for asking for two months rent at the start of the tenancy?... Read More

Dave Driver

17:54 PM, 30th January 2020
About 2 months ago

Am I visiting my daughter as Mum or Landlord?

I don't see how this can be a problem. If the daughter invites her mother to visit then she has given permission for her mother to be in the house. The fact that she is the landlord is irrelevant. In a shared house one tenant can't dictate whether or not another tenant can have a visitor.... Read More

Dave Driver

10:57 AM, 24th January 2020
About 2 months ago

Evicted but when should we enforce £20,000 debt?

If she is in a consultancy role she will be one of three things:

1. Self-employed (unlikely because companies won't usually accept this due to the possibility of her being classed as an employee)
2. Working through her own personal services company.
3. Working through an umbrella company.

For 2 and 3 she will almost certainly be an employee of some company.

Might be worth chasing the debt after all.... Read More

Dave Driver

9:43 AM, 19th November 2019
About 5 months ago

Anti-landlord policies not helping prospective tenant

You need to understand why so many agents and landlords are reluctant to let to tenants in receipt of benefits. Firstly, Housing Benefit and Universal Credit are paid in arrears, and landlords require rent to be paid in advance. Many benefit tenants live from week to week so cannot pay rent in advance and a deposit where required. Many benefit tenants are unable to pass referencing and credit checking. A minority of benefit tenants are really unable to manage their money so if given a large sum to pay rent and living expenses they will spend it on booze, fags, scratch cards, etc. rather than paying the rent. Even if a landlord succeeds in requesting direct payment from the council, the rent can legally be claimed back from the landlord if the tenant makes a mistake or a fraudulent claim. The landlord can be left out of pocket with no way to recover lost rent or pay for repairs.

Many landlords are selling up because of the repeated anti-landlord policies imposed on them by the government. This leaves a shortage of properties, so the remaining landlords have a better choice of good tenants.

If you are working and have a referenceable guarantor then you are in a better position, but you need to sell yourself really well. You need to offer all you can to show that you are a good prospect. You need to show that you are in control of your finances, perhaps that you are able to regularly save a little money for a rainy day. Perhaps you could market yourself in some kind of a brochure that you could offer to a landlord. Show a brief income and expenditure statement. Screenshot your credit rating and offer proof of no CCJs, include bank statements, and details of your potential guarantor. Get a reference from a previous landlord if you can. Be as pro-active as you can in showing how good a prospect you are.

Good luck.... Read More