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Ethical Man

4:53 AM, 1st May 2016, About 6 years ago

HMO Additional Licence - Potential Housing Crisis?

It is worth writing to local counsellors, MP, Evening Standard etc because often the people who introduce laws simply do not understand how the rental market works, so do not understand the negative consequences of the new rules.... Read More

Ethical Man

3:43 AM, 1st May 2016, About 6 years ago

Letting my residential home whilst working overseas for 2 years?

Worst case scenario you could take in lodgers. You would then have a room for yourself when you come back and your son could come to stay in it time to time too. The mortgage company's permission would still be needed, and they may limit you to one or two lodgers. If it is a nice house then professionals would pay handsomely to live there alone or with one or two others.... Read More

Ethical Man

3:38 AM, 1st May 2016, About 6 years ago

Campaign to remove George Osborne from the post of Chancellor of the Exchequer

There is a lot of anger towards George Osborne on this site because the various measures he has announced will leave buy to let landlords less well off than they were anticipating. However George Osborne is obliged to consider the country as a whole when making his policies. On this measure George Osborne is right to make the BTL changes he has. I hope that understanding this will help readers regain their peace of mind.
1) Every house owned as a buy to let is one less house owned by the occupier (assuming no change in the number of vacant properties or second home). The number of buy to lets has increased in line with the fall in the number of owner occupied houses. The government has more of an obligation to ensure that each person or family can afford their own home than to ensure buy to let landlords can sustain and augment their portfolios. Therefore, the government is right to take measures to reduce the number of buy to let properties, thereby making owner occupiers more able to buy. You cannot please everyone and it is fair to prioritise people buying their first home over people buying their fifth or fifteenth.
2) It is sometimes claimed on this forum that George Osborne’s measures will lead to a shortage of housing to let. However there is no reason to think this is true. The number of buy to let properties has increased massively over recent years – things worked perfectly well previously when there were a higher proportion of owner occupiers. Moreover property remains a very attractive investment for those with cash – which is many people given the pension freedoms the government has provided – and for those who are incorporated. Thus the total number of buy to let properties is unlikely to fall dramatically. The market will reach equilibrium one way or another, with prices perhaps rising less fast because there are fewer buy to let landlords seeking to purchase, thereby making housing more affordable for owner occupiers.
3) Is George Osborne being unfair to landlords in moving the posts? The thing to ask yourself is whether when you first got into buy to let you would still have done so if you knew these new rules would be implemented now. Most people on this forum have made far more from buy to let than they would have in any other career available to them, so the answer for them is yes. In which case they should be grateful for having had such a good run. Those who recently came into the business and who borrowed heavily so who have not yet had time to benefit from substantial capital gains are still entitled to feel aggrieved – but then so does the thirty something who cannot afford a house because buy to let landlords are pushing up prices. When rules change, as they sometimes must in response to circumstances, there will always be some who lose out as a result. The government simply has to weigh benefits as best they can. And as mention in 1 above, it is right for the government to prioritize the individual who seeks to own his first home.... Read More

Ethical Man

3:02 AM, 1st May 2016, About 6 years ago

Student issues with smoking all kinds of stuff?

Hi Elizabeth

Sorry to hear that you are in such a difficult situation. I agree that you do need to do something about this - it is bad for your health, particularly your brain, having to inhale that stuff all the time.

If you report them to the police whilst they are smoking then the police will come round. You can invite them in to the communal areas - not sure whether they will need a search warrant for your flatmates rooms if they turn up and there is evidence of a crime (drug smoking) in progress: maybe not.

If the person in question threatens you then again report him to the police and they will take action.

You could go ahead a report them to the police the next time they are smoking it. Or you could say to them if they ever again smoke that stuff in the flat then you will report them to police. That would be their final warning and gives them a last chance - then they know that they only have themselves to blame if you call the police.

Good luck!

Best wishes

Dan... Read More

Ethical Man

18:40 PM, 27th April 2016, About 6 years ago

Periodic Tenancy agreement terms?

At the end of the day the landlord can choose to evict you if he does not get a rent he is satisfied with. Try making a counter offer of 10% or suchlike. When negotiating look at the market rent for a property such as yours, and then subtract a bit because landlords do value having reliable tenants, so are usually willing to charge them a bit less rather than lose them and then get someone new in who may cause problems.

Good luck... Read More