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Adam Lewczynski

23:33 PM, 6th August 2018, About 3 years ago

ExPat BTL Mortgages for UK Properties

Reply to the comment left by Mark S at 29/06/2018 - 14:06
Hi Mark, I'm really sorry but I've only just seen your reply. I dont know how I missed it but if you still need any help then please do drop me a quick email to Thank you and my apologies again. Adam... Read More

Adam Lewczynski

14:41 PM, 27th June 2018, About 3 years ago

ExPat BTL Mortgages for UK Properties

Hi Mark, we've been assisting expats for some 30 years and have generally found that the relationship they have with their own banks is the best initial source. However, if HSBC are proving difficult did they have any concerns about the current structure of your investments? Being a business owner or consultant rather than working for a major multi-national (secure job ???) can also influence some lenders with regards to loan-to-values and rates so its good to shop around and get whole of market comparisons. We don't offer mortgage advice but can put you in touch with some specialist brokers if required. Good luck. Adam... Read More

Adam Lewczynski

22:29 PM, 16th February 2014, About 8 years ago

BTL mortgage for a retired expat

Reply to the comment left by "Mark Alexander" at "16/02/2014 - 09:43":

Hi Mark, in answer to your questions.

1. He's 72
2. Living in Spain for the past 8 years.
3. He previously ran his own construction company in the UK. Not sure of the values but I think he has various pensions, savings, shares etc.
4. Nothing outstanding on the surrey house. Rental income £35k p..a
5. With £400k cash he would buy 2 x £200k flats with yields of c.5% but if he can raise finance through equity release etc he would like to increase the purchase prices but does definitely not want to over-stretch.
6. Ideally he wants to buy each flat in the name of his 2 children i.e. 1 each.

Thanks for your help. Adam... Read More

Adam Lewczynski

14:49 PM, 17th December 2013, About 8 years ago

Service Charge Increase Justified?

Hi Peter, if the Section 20 notice procedures were not followed properly you may be able to recover your costs. Were you given 3 quotes and offered the opportunity to comment and get your own contractor to quote? Similarly, with the new charges, ask to see copies of the quotes from various contractors for the maintenance, cleaning etc.

It could be that a previous managing agent had done such a poor job that the new agents are now playing catch up with Health & Safety etc hence the increase in costs. Also check if a sinking fund has now been introduced which wasn't previously there. Does your lease allow for this?

If the insurance has been hiked up ask for evidence of competitive quotes

If there are any similar blocks near you try and find out who is head of the residents committee in those blocks and compare running costs and fees.

Challenging a service charge, appointing a new agent etc can be very time consuming and a can of worms, but worth it if the savings justify it.

Good luck! Adam Lewczynski B.Sc. MRICS... Read More

Adam Lewczynski

10:48 AM, 28th November 2013, About 8 years ago

Would you invest in Manchester or London property?

Reply to the comment left by "Brian Barn" at "27/11/2013 - 22:32":

Hi Brian, there are successful investors in both cities (and many other locations) so if you buy wisely in either city you should come out okay if the market stays with you and you can ride any downturn which inevitably happens at some point.

If you are looking for a 1% or 2% higher initial rental yield then you may need to aim north but if you are more risk averse then perhaps opt for a lower yield and a considerably larger rental market (not just the BBC) in London. Also remember that the "London market" is not just the central London playground for the rich. It extends right out to the M25 and some areas just beyond it where values are yields are more attractive.

Also, consider how long you intend investing for and when you might want to cash in. I don't think there's much doubt that for the past few years it's been much easier to sell in London for full market value than it has in other parts of the UK so I would suggest your capital investment is safer in London if the economy takes a downturn again, especially if interest rates start to creep up. We have been buying and selling for investor clients in London for 25 years and I have never had a client sell a property for less than they paid for it.

Also, don't be swayed by the "manage closer to home argument". The vast majority of our investors are UK expats and overseas investors and they have never had any need to inspect their property or deal with problem tenants. Wherever you decide to invest make sure that the person advising you on what to buy knows what they are talking about and not just making a fast buck on a sale. Also invest in an exceptional letting and managing agent, not the cheapest or even the biggest. There are great agents in all towns and cities but there are far too many rogue traders in this industry and the forums are full of landlord tales of shocking agents and tenants. In 25 years we have never had a tenant abscond after failing to pay rent or damaging a property so choosing and managing your tenant is just as important and choosing what to buy.

There are lots of good people on here always happy to advise and hold your hand. Good luck is not always enough so make use of others talent and knowledge and don't be afraid to ask for help.

Adam Lewczynski B.Sc. MRICS... Read More