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Joe Marshall

16:25 PM, 2nd October 2019, About 2 years ago

Gas boilers to be banned from new builds by 2025

Just a few thoughts on the comments. The technologies you mention are far from unproven, I use them regurally in the commercial sector, and they work perfectly. There are solutions for all problems listed above. Unfortunately the only one Issue to sort out is the financial one, that being said the more we use the cheaper it should get.... Read More

Joe Marshall

13:16 PM, 29th November 2018, About 3 years ago

Form 17, Declaration of Trust and 60 days?

Thank you for the reply. What are my options now then? Is it worth sending the From 17 regardless.... Read More

Joe Marshall

8:43 AM, 22nd September 2015, About 6 years ago

Electric Shower vs Mains Fed

Types of shower for domestic purposes:
You have 4 options:


Fed from mains pressure cold water. But obviously requires an electric cable to the shower complete with the correct size cable and adequate electric circuit protection – RCB etc.

From a combi boiler:

This would also be from mains pressure – mains pressure hot and mains pressure cold water pipes to a thermostatic mixing shower.

From a storage tank (gravity fed with a header tank):

This can get complicated as there are numerous options to overcome this situation, but the key thing to remember is to have equal pressure to your thermostatic shower mixer valve from the hot and the cold water, and also non return valves if you have mains pressure cold and tank fed hot. There are hundreds of booster pumps on the market so it’s best to seek advice from an experienced engineer to decide what’s best as the combinations of hot water storage and header tanks can be endless.
Usually I would fit a twin hot and cold booster pump on the hot water pipe flowing from the cylinder and the cold water supply from the header tank. Again this could be different for every situation.

From a storage tank (mains pressure fed with an unvented kit):

This is similar to the combi boiler set up as you would just run a hot and cold to the thermostatic shower mixer and the shower would be mains pressure fed both hot and cold.
There is little need for a booster pump on this set up unless your water pressure is low.

On the applications where you use a thermostatic mixing valve, don’t worry about the storage temperatures in the hot water cylinder as the thermostatic valve will control this to an acceptable level for the shower user. And they usually fail safe, if the valve breaks or water pressure drops it will only put cold water through it so no risk of scalding.

Key things to decide what’s best to do in all shower situations:

What is the water pressure nearest the outlets where you want to put the shower?

What is the flow rate? A lot of things can affect flow rate like the size of pipes, number of bends and elbows etc?

The allowance of diversity – if there is more than 1 shower installed in the property what will happen when all of them run at once.

Any situation can be overcome usually very simply with either a whole house booster pump or a local one to the shower or whatever you want.

Hope this helps!!
Joe... Read More

Joe Marshall

16:52 PM, 3rd September 2015, About 6 years ago

Electric Shower vs Mains Fed

Seems to have jumped off topic a little but some insightful comments into the world of boiler cover. I am fortunately a time served plumber and heating engineer so boiler issues aren't the worst thing in the world for me. Although I have always found British Gas to be very good with their cover etc, for friends and family who have used them.

But that aside any more on the debate of electric vs boiler fed showers??? I am going out of my mind trying to decide and might end up with both installed just out of shear madness!!!

Thanks... Read More

Joe Marshall

15:43 PM, 2nd September 2015, About 6 years ago

Electric Shower vs Mains Fed

I hate them too.

Just thought it would be a contingency plan having the electric if the boiler packed up.... Read More