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michelle green

11:28 AM, 16th March 2019
About A week ago

James Brokenshire on Spring Statement house building packages

This is a joke. The majority of these homes are bought by investors - many overseas.
Those who actually buy these homes to live in are being milked (auctioned off to the highest bidder!) in uncapped service charges and inflation busting rent increases (shared ownership).... Read More

michelle green

0:14 AM, 13th March 2019
About 2 weeks ago

Support abolition of Leasehold replacing with Commonhold

We are working hard to spread the word about the scandal of many leaseholds, doubling ground rent, uncapped service charges etc. Up and down the country, thousands of leasehold new builds are being thrown up in haste and sold under onerous,cleverly worded contracts. Please sign the petition. England and Wales are the only places that still have this antiquated, outdated feudal system. Many of these freeholds are sold on to faceless companies registered in tax havens like the Virgin Islands. The NLC are an amazing, proactive campaign group with over £14,000 members to date.
https://nationalleaseholdcampaign.org... Read More

michelle green

18:07 PM, 5th March 2019
About 3 weeks ago

Government to assist vulnerable with PRS deposits or first month's rent

“I want everyone to have the security, dignity and opportunities they need to build a better life – at the heart of which is ensuring everyone can find a safe and secure home to call their own".
Really?? That`s why there has been a huge increase in leasehold houses, onerous ground rent terms, uncapped service charge fees and an anticipated flood of huge build to rent estates.... Read More

michelle green

15:01 PM, 5th March 2019
About 3 weeks ago

Here we go again - PRS Right to Buy!

Yet how interesting that these are now flooding the country. Huge "build to let" corporations coming your way soon.



So...which is it..the right for home ownership...or not...... Read More

michelle green

11:17 AM, 5th March 2019
About 3 weeks ago

Here we go again - PRS Right to Buy!

It`s clear what is going on. They are squeezing out small landlords - look at the draft of new legislations over the past couple of years to make our lives difficult, yet on the other hand leaseholders are being fleeced left right and centre by freeholders and corporate management companies.
Please can you sign the "Abolish leasehold" campaign at

https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/238071... Read More