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19:31 PM, 9th August 2021, About 2 months ago

Utilities Nightmare taking my time?

Reply to the comment left by Andrew Miller at 02/08/2021 - 12:31
I can't believe you're serious. Utility Warehouse make promises they have no intention of keeping and regularly increase their charges almost as soon as you sign up. Having been told my signal was fine when I signed up, it was very soon apparent it wasn't and when I complained I was sent a signal booster for which I pay £1.67 a month. I still regularly have poor signal, can't use my Kindle or 'phone unless I'm standing next to the modem. I also bought into their "cashback card". What a load of rubbish, I am now charged £2 a month (started at one, and wasn't notified it was going up) for the privilege of being in credit on this card and have been trying to cancel it and stop the charge for two years. The only time I got a call from Uw was recently when I messaged asking what (if any) penalties I would incur if I changed supplier. The call was to try and get me to stay. I told them how rubbish they were and could they sort out the above problems - not interested and still ongoing. I was also told they would charge me £10 for collection of the modem. I pointed out I had paid £20 for it so it was mine and they couldn't charge me for it. "Oh ok" was the response. Pyramid selling in a very flimsy disguise. UW need to deliver what they promise and stop conning people, they've gained a dreadful reputation now people have more experience of them.... Read More