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Andrew Bird

10:50 AM, 14th May 2016, About 5 years ago

Freeholders being taken for a ride?

To find who the other leaseholders are a simple way to start is to do a mail shot to each flat explaining the problem and asking them to contact you.... Read More

Andrew Bird

11:45 AM, 9th January 2016, About 6 years ago

Installing a single Broadband/TV connection for flats

I am in a block of 4 flats with only one dish. The dish has 8 outputs, so one dish, 2 cables to each flat. Each flat has a separate contract.... Read More

Andrew Bird

10:51 AM, 10th May 2014, About 7 years ago

Terminating an assured shorthold tenancy

Many landlords have queried the role that local housing authorities play in advising tenants to stay put until the bailiff arrives, despite the existence of orders for possession from the court. This is regrettable in that the local authority seems to be encouraging disobedience to a court order,

Could the council be guilty of aiding and encouraging a crime?... Read More

Andrew Bird

10:44 AM, 10th May 2014, About 7 years ago

What next after a section 21 expires?

I would fully agree that as soon as the courts are involved get a solicitor involved. I have just had my solicitor go for a possession order and the judge found a problem with the timings. The contract was downloaded from the “Residential Landlords Association” who have amended the wording for later issues. The RLA confirmed that several possessions have been obtained with this wording without problems. The exact wording was:

“From 1st July 2010 to 11am on 1st January 2011”.

District Judge White who heard your application for possession yesterday commented that he had never seen such a description. The problem is that the term of your Tenancy described to end at 11am on 1st January 2011.
The Tenancy Agreement describes the term of the Lease as being for six months and 11 hours. Therefore causing problems when a Section 21 Notice is served. District Judge White therefore was minded to find that our Section 21 Notice was not valid. We had a discussion about the recent case law of Spencer –v- Taylor in which the Court found that as long as a Landlord gave two clear months notice this should be sufficient and the Judge was willing to hear this argument. However the Tenant was asked by the Judge if she wanted to contest the validity of your notice. She confirmed that she did and therefore District Judge White considered adjourning the hearing for it to be re-listed for a contested hearing.

This case was resolved with the tenants agreement but they have three months to vacate. As the tenant is on housing benefit ( though not the full amount) paid directly to me the losses are manageable.
No more Benefit tenants, too many problems with both the tenant and with the council with frequent suspended payments! Life would probably be easier if the tenant did not have any income other than benefits.

Andy... Read More

Andrew Bird

18:07 PM, 7th October 2013, About 8 years ago

Now I’m worried Birmingham Midshires will raise their Tracker margins

I have had difficulties with Birmingham Midshires before in a very similar way. When the bank rate was around 4% I obtained a tracker mortgage with a rate of 2% below bank rate for the first two years then 2% over for the rest of the term. When the bank rate went to 0.5% the interest should have been negative, i.e. they pay me. I repeatedly asked where in the contract any mention of interest being unable to go negative. I failed to get any response. They kept ignoring the question. It seems that the normal rules of mathematics do not apply to building societies! Or perhaps they just don’t understand basic maths at all, which is why they are in this mess now!... Read More