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16:38 PM, 9th July 2013, About 9 years ago

Shared student house let for my son - strategy advice request

Reply to the comment left by "Mark" at "06/07/2013 - 17:40":

Hi Mark,
I am not a UK citizen and I live in the Far East. I have a son who is currently studying in the UK.

Like Richard, I have a house for my student son. His three friends who are also students would like to rent the remaining 3 rooms in Aug 2013. Does he need to apply for a licence to rent out the rooms? If so, what type of licence and how do we go about applying for one? BTW, he has half ownership and the other half is owned by me.

I am also as curious to know which approach I should take: a 3-room tenancy agreement or a whole house single tenancy, if it is applicable since he is the half owner of the house.

What I would also like to know:
1. Who is liable to pay for the tax on the rental income of
£900pcm? Legally, as a student, does he need to pay
tax? If I need to pay, what is the proportion I need to
2. As a student, I understand, he does not need to pay any
Council Tax on the property if he lives in the house. But,
being a half owner of the house, do I need to pay any
partial Council Tax on the property?
3. Could you let me where I can get a tenancy agreement
for the purpose of renting out the rooms.
4. Could you also let me know where I can obtain information on the procedures and requirements in renting out a house?

I know I am asking a lot since this is my first time in dealing with rental in the UK, even though I am very familiar with rental in my country.

Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you in advance.... Read More