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Bill O'Dell

10:25 AM, 15th January 2020
About 3 months ago

Shelter research playing on fears

So good to hear the RLA as the voice of reason. Shelter have always been scaremongering anti landlord and supporters of tenants who often behave unfairly so very happy to hear this.
Rosalind is right this needs wider coverage... Read More

Bill O'Dell

11:14 AM, 3rd December 2019
About 4 months ago

Walter Mitty top flat owner?

If the lease for the upstairs flat is being broken by the tenant not observing the conditions, then they are liable. If the flat is mortgaged, then you may be able to recover the costs from the mortgagee as they have a co-responsibility and any failure by the tenant affects the value of their security. I would find out from land registry who the mortgagee is and approach them for the cost of the roof repairs and the back log of payments. I know of someone who did this successfully.
You could always go to court for the debt and if necessary get a Caution registered on the title and this would prevent a sale, or you get an attachment to earnings order.
Which ever way you go, it will get a bit messy, so you will need the help of a solicitor used to leashold problems.... Read More

Bill O'Dell

11:25 AM, 21st August 2019
About 8 months ago

Crowd Justice appeal: Gas Safety Certificate and Section 21

Reply to the comment left by Sue Twyford at 21/08/2019 - 11:16
A gas boiler is an appliance. I would think the landlord would have obtained a certificate for the supply. A Meter inside the property may well have pipes that feed potential appliances and these should be checked for gas tightness.
Agree it is confusing.
Good to RLA funds being used for the greater benefit too.... Read More

Bill O'Dell

13:52 PM, 10th June 2019
About 10 months ago

Land for the Many - Not for Landlords

Corbyn is more than dangerous he will break the back of any entrepreneur he can find it would seem. Does he not realise that being a landlord is not a recipe for a quiet profitable life, but is often a highly geared business working hard to maintain income and overhead cover as well as providing additional employment from their commercial activity?
I can't think of a single reason to ever vote Labour. Never seems a good idea to me.... Read More

Bill O'Dell

18:36 PM, 8th December 2018
About A year ago

Agent bites back at Westminster for 5 week deposit cap

Reply to the comment left by Colin Dartnell at 08/12/2018 - 18:35
Already covered in his reply to me.
Thanks Colin... Read More