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Bill O'Dell

10:52 AM, 21st May 2021, About 5 months ago

Should I convert lounge and add 3rd bedroom?

This might work in a student market where they spend the majority of their time in their own rooms. I doubt it would be practical or well accepted in a professional let.
Subdividing like this can work if you have windows in each room, if you end up without a window in one room you may well be in breach of fire regulations.
Finally 3 people often create an environment where 2 get on very well and 1 is left out, so you may have higher tenant churn than you'd like.... Read More

Bill O'Dell

12:04 PM, 9th April 2021, About 7 months ago

Stuck with a student pod and no management company?

Have you considered making contact with other pod owners? You may not be the only one in this position and together you have more leverage. There may also be one who is enjoying the fruits of this arrangement and wants to buy another so a possible exit strategy too.
The university will have an accommodation office and they may be able to help with providing students - this time of year there are often overseas students on short term placements.
There is usually a Facebook group for the uni students too, so it may also be worth contacting one of the student residents and seeing if they want to earn a bit of pocket money by finding you a tenant using the facebook group. This has worked for us in the past.
If there is no restriction on students only for this accommodation you might be able to turn it to Serviced Accommodation. There are often companies who will manage that for you inc all the changeovers etc depends on your location.
Just a few ideas to mull over anyway!... Read More

Bill O'Dell

16:37 PM, 3rd March 2021, About 8 months ago

HMO - single private dwellinghouse covenant refusal?

We had this problem in Guildford. 2 HMO's that we had were former council houses. The whole are was studentville and many houses were HMOs and there had never been a prosecution. You can buy an indemnity for this and I'd advise that you don't approach the council yourself or the indemnity will be invalid. We took achance when we bought, ran for 10 years and our buyers took a chance and have had 5 years and no difficulties.
You should be able to get a copy of the covenant (the beneficiary in our case was a company that sold the land to the council and they made it) from the Land Registry. Or you could ask your buyer to obtain a copy, but you should keep your distance from it!
Good Luck!... Read More

Bill O'Dell

13:19 PM, 19th January 2021, About 9 months ago

5 Tenant Tricks to throw out a Section 21 notice

Reply to the comment left by John Mac at 19/01/2021 - 11:46
I agree John Mac. It would be interesting to know what overtures the NRLA are making to Shelter, Tenants unions and the like to come to a consensus. If an agreement could be reached, then both organisations would work to the same goal. It's also a way of smoking out the irrelevant opposition by discrediting them.... Read More

Bill O'Dell

11:41 AM, 28th October 2020, About 12 months ago

We are now in a completely different operating environment

I completely agree Ros.
This is what makes the student accommodation market so appealing. Never (ok rarely) a problem getting a guarantee, tenants leave at the end of their lease and there is a steady supply of new ones.
Current market maybe less predictable going forwards, until a vaccination readily available that works, but the transient nature of students makes it easier to plan. Of course the downside is it is not a hands off investment, in fact you need to engage regularly, but in 12 years I have never had an unplanned void, bad debt or house damaged other than through normal wear and tear.... Read More