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Andrew Jones

9:10 AM, 9th July 2017, About 5 years ago

Car Logbook 'Loan' as Property Deposit answer to Universal Credit?

If the tenant cannot provide a deposit, but has a suitable guarantor instead there is nothing to protect. It is possible to support the Guarantee by taking a charge over the Guarantor's vehicle by way of a Chatels mortgage. If the Guarantor is an individual then the mortgage should be registered at the Bill of Sale registry for it to be effective. Rather complex but effective though you have to remember that the vehicle is a depreciating asset and the value of the security reduces each month.... Read More

Andrew Jones

10:00 AM, 8th June 2017, About 5 years ago

Approached by compensation firm about Mortgage Securitisation?

Securitisation is normal, all the major lenders do it and mostly the borrower never knows, the mortgage agreements will have a clause allowing the lender to assign the debt. Usually the original lender continues to administer the loan for the buyer who pays an administration fee and assumes the credit risk.
Where problems occur it is more likely that the loan book has been sold on to.a new buyer, where a lender ceases doing business for example. Then the loan is moved to a different administration system, they try a best fit to the new system that does not replicate the original terms of the mortgage and problems result.
Complaints should be recorded and redress paid where errors are made, most lenders should be covered by FCA requirements and volumes outcomes and speed of resolution are monitored closely.
However, to return to the original post, if you don't know your loan has been securitised, you have experienced no problems with administration and the terms have been honoured then why would you think that compensation is due?... Read More

Andrew Jones

14:55 PM, 8th July 2015, About 7 years ago

Councillor assisting tenant in private civil case

He's a politician, they like to be seen to be doing something, more constituents are tenants than landlords, thus tenants have more votes than landlords, thus he will side with tenants. I would simply ignore him and proceed with your civil actions. You have nothing to gain by engaging in debate with him.... Read More